The Government of The United States of America declares the existence of a State of War against White Christians!




The Government of The United States of America declares the existence of a State of War against “White Christians” due to the recent attacks and physical threats against the Covington High School students.  This is only one of the incidents of this type in the past three years and becomes progressively worse during each altercation. 

This declaration of the existence of a “State of War” hereby authorizes Militia and National Guard to intervene as a peace keeping force where ever and when ever these instances of inciting are committed by the Main Stream Media. This declaration further authorizes all State Militias and National Guard to shut down any Main Stream Media outlet that continues to use its broadcasting privileges to incite violence against the people and or certain groups of people under the Law of Armed Conflict. Notice to the Privately owned News Media: Nuremberg Principles Link  

A smirk does not constitute murder of a High School Student nor does any political debate.  All Main Stream News Media outlets have consistently demonstrated its disdain for the people in general.  All Main Stream News Media consistently searches for stories that fit its political agenda and narrative. Therefore, the Main Stream News Media “Journalists” are hereby not classified as “Journalists”, their classification is under foreign Militants working and directed by a “Communist totalitarian dictatorship” and therefore are enemies of the people. LINK

These foreign militants continually, consistently and with intent continue to fuel jealously which results in civil war, race war and any other type of war that can be implemented to push the people that trust their propaganda as truth to violence and murder against each other.  A real Journalist or reporter does not engage in these types of activities. These militants have engaged in censorship of the worst kind against any voice of reason and must be stopped before they tear the country apart.  Late night talk shows are not excluded from the classification of Militants. 

Jealousy is the militants propaganda tool of choice in every word and syllable. If the people can see this tactic, it will cause peace among the people and expel these Militants from this country for lack of resources and funding. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America    


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