Reconstruction Ordinance of 2015


Published on 04-16-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST



The plans being implemented on North America on this present day shall be bound in the following Reconstruction Ordinance of 2015 (Ordinance). The Ordinance is not negotiable nor set aside by any court of record or non-court of record. 

The destruction of its own societies is voluntary by those societies. However, reconstruction is not open to discussion with its former leaders. Once a society is destroyed and its attributes altered into a different condition, the trustees of that society lose all authority to build a new one or rule the altered society based on the fact that the destruction is a fact of the inability to sustain a community or society. The self destruction establishes a self vote of no confidence in leadership and the inability to make a concrete decision. Who would destroy their own society and expect to lead a new one?

Therefore, the assembly for the Government of The United States of America have established a Reconstruction Ordinance of 2015 as a plan to sustain a viable and enriched country complete with Human Rights in tact.


To reverse the decision of destroying your own American Society will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no ability to lead with convictions and forethought. The people making these plans and attempting to implement these plans are not qualified to lead anyone, not even themselves.

If the current leaders cannot rule without being caught in multiple crimes and human rights violations. What makes them think they can sustain a world government without committing the same crimes and displaying the same incompetent leadership? That type of so-called leadership is UN-sustainable. The World Government is already a failure before it starts.


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  1. Thomas Higgins

    This is a Incredible peace of good news for American National/Resident/Inhabitant of the land by metes and bounds. Its requried reading by all who want to a Invested party. Thankyou Thomas Michael Higgins.

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