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International Public Notice

The assembly for the Government of The United States of America (assembly) opened a Credit Department in the Public Bank governed by the Committee of the Government of The United States of America. The Credit Department was opened last week headed by American National-Paul Pieczynski that has 20 years experience in the field.

The Credit Department will be issuing credit in the form of Continental Dollars. The assembly is aware that the Continental Dollar is not widely accepted at the moment. Hopefully, with the recent videos released, it is possible it will wake some people up that will have the capability of assisting the Government with those issues.

However, if many started opening accounts at the acceptance issues would be resolved right away.

Many markets and products that have been shunned are welcome at the Public Bank. This does not include terrorist or child pornography activity of course. The Committee is talking about alternative energy, clean water devices, alternative energy for automobiles etc…. 

The counties and states are welcome to open a letter of credit account without fear of losing territory or creating a split title situation that places those body politics in a slave-master relationship aka Trustee relationship with a foreign entity. 

The credit accounts are without interest, tax free and can revolve continually in circulars to maintain a condition of stability. It also resolves the constant taxation issues through the local police departments in the form of traffic tickets.

The Continental Dollar site linked above does have a core bank account where the currency does not go outside of the main core credit account so nothing is lost. All that is needed are gateways and people that have a little ambition to change their current condition to something positive.

The following videos prove that the assembly is real, the Government is real, and the Continental Dollar is real. The next move is up to you. The core bank account has been filled with 10 billion Continental Dollars to start. The total amount available will not be disclosed at this time. However, the country can be sustained indefinitely with the Public Bank system in its design and applications. The request forms for letters of credit accounts will be available as soon as possible.  Welcome to a Brand New Market!

Link to the Official Assembly Record: Official Assembly Record

Links to videos:

The Failed Mandate: A 240 Year Old Lie

OZ on Manhattan Island, Part One

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