The Government of The United States of America starts the Social Assistance Act!


Published on 03-19-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

Yesterday during an assembly of American Nationals, a motion was passed to start the process of the Social Assistance Act of 2015. The act will supply the affirmed American National or declared RESIDENT with the privilege of the voucher program after the age of 65 has been reached.  Many complained about the voucher system in its infancy, however a resolution has been found to the possible inflation aspect of the voucher program. It made sense to leave the money supply and creation of currency to those that need it most which will stop the elderly abuses and give value to those that are ignored and considered a burden to any society. Something needed to be done in reaction to the Carolyn Rousseau case in Oregon. A story will be released about the Carolyn Rousseau case as soon as possible.

Further, in the same assembly, many U.S. Military officers have been re-instated with full honors and ranks with full pardons by the original United States, in Congress assembled. This needed to be done due to the fact that most if not all of the officers in question were fired for political reasons and in the act of protecting America herself  of  which the firings are a travesty of justice. Even though the U.S. is considered foreign, we are all very close neighbors and need to look out for one another, plus the Navy did start under the original Government.

Official assembly record

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