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ANNOUNCEMENT: This week the General Post Office became a proud  member of the International NAC Society, Inc.  Link: http://www.nacsociety.org/  The NAC Society is a very good organization and if studied, has some amazing concepts to consider.

Public Notice: The Human Rights Defenders received a letter addressed to Dutch Earl Thompson in Tennessee. Case Files Link Here.  The letter launched a two week investigation into the State of Tennessee itself and its daily operations. Warning to those with weak stomachs. The investigation  revealed a couple of normalized Human Rights violations that happen everyday to everyone. The report also has information that has solved the drivers license riddle that so many have been researching for so many years.  Link to the Report!

International Public Notice: 11-07-2014



The Human Rights Defenders investigation launched a new program from the Automobile Association for The United States of America that the members believe will be very interested in joining. “Details of the Program Link” .   It is called the “SELF INSURED PERSONAL PROPERTY-NON-COMMERCIAL PROGRAM”.  For those folks that are sick and tired of spending thousands on auto insurance that is never used, than this program is for you. The program is a legitimate alternative for those that cannot afford insurance. Take a look and tell your friends about the program. Sign up link!


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