International Bills with outstanding Balance

All claims are under International Trust Fund known as “THE INTERNATIONAL TRUST FUND” #8D7ABDB1-C39E-448D-A9AC-D398A7BFC698 for the purpose of publishing bills for property damages, public or private, personal injury and excessive resource costs against international political and or religious groups.

The trustee of THE INTERNATIONAL TRUST FUND #8D7ABDB1-C39E-448D-A9AC-D398A7BFC698 is hereby the Government of The United States of America. 

The Beneficiary'(s) of all claims are the damaged parties whether or not a direct claim has been made by the damaged party therefore the damaged party is under no danger of retaliation. All damage assessments are made by the trustee of THE INTERNATIONAL TRUST FUND #8D7ABDB1-C39E-448D-A9AC-D398A7BFC698 without exception. All damages are assessed with: LINK

2: The Continental Dollar and the Continental Dollar-LB if found within the Internal Revenue Trust is defined as a foreign functional currency and a Qualified Business Unit (QBU’s) with a foreign and separate set of books and records and shall include books of original entry and ledger accounts. 

Claims: All claims are made by any publication within any media outlet whether Public or Private. All media outlets are considered third party beneficiaries without any guarantee of damage claims. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 04-16-2019

The following International Entities have International Bills with an outstanding Balance for damages perpetrated against the Beneficiaries of the International Bill. 

Liens against the Democratic Party

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Liens against the Republican Party

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Various Trespasses

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Liens against the Totalitarian Party-Charter of the United Nations

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Case #: 01D73D79-ABE8-4A0B-89AE-70C15A07E118

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Liens against ANNA VON REITZ or any variations thereof thereof-Second Violation

Case #: 2807F7E3-E02D-49B6-B194-B5C76809A127

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