Pure evidence that Anna Von Reitz and James Clinton Belcher is a liar and a thief! The Government of The United States of America owns 100% of both of their estates since 2012!


PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 05-25-2022


Anna Maria Riezinger (hereinafter, “Anna”) and James Clinton Belcher (hereinafter: “James”) both claimed RESIDENCY with the General Post Office of the Government of The United States of America in 2012 which means they knew that The United States of America and the States of the Union had already been claimed. 

Until the Government of The United States of America had a full working elected Government in 2013, we used General Post Office, LDC in Belize to deliver persons offshore into the States of the Union and The United States of America through the original General Post Office of 1775 headed first by Benjamin Franklyn. We were having a hard time getting the IRS to recognize that particular General Post Office so we used a LDC that they could not deny its existence and used it to recognize the original General Post Office of 1775.   

Welcome to The United States of America,

attached are some documents of interest and also a temporary ID for the RESIDENT. If you would like to join the skype group to keep up to date with the Government of The United States of America, please send a contact request to: “gpocommitteefortusa1”. Make sure you put RESIDENT DECLARATION in the subject box. See you there. This is a temporary group for you to make your transition to your Independent State, the Committee.

On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 12:41 AM, agents for GPO Network <agents@generalpost.org> wrote:
Thanks for your submission! Please open up an account at GPO Bank
ID: 476
EXECUTION DATE: 2012-07-23
RESIDENT ID#: 653471686044
DOB: June 6, 1956
ADDRESS: 2390 South Park Road Big Lake, Alaska
CELL #: (907) 715-0243
EMAIL: avannavon@gmail.com
VERIFICATION: 2012-07-23
beneficiary signature: Anna Maria Riezinger
XXX Status means:: 2012-07-23
Last modified: 2012-07-23 11:41 PM
IP Address:
Submission made: 2012-07-23 11:29 PM

This is the trust certificate that went with the RESIDENT claim in the name of James Clinton Belcher and the next image is from Anna claiming that she and her husband did in fact claim RESIDENCY within The United States of America in 2012 and she made that confession in 2015:  LINK

This is a copy of the whole email thread back and forth in 2015: LINK

This is the paragraph where Anna fully recognized our original claims and the rest of the publication about Anna Maria Riezinger with many alias’s are all about the many ways she has been trying to steal the claims, commit slander etc….

Anna says: 
“That is what you mean by “claim on abandonment”—- I see.  You basically realized that the true government had been usurped and vacated, put the US on notice, then accepted their apparent acquiescence after giving them Due Process…. well, that makes sense.  So now you have gone forward and formed a new nation and are in the process of seeking recognition from other governments, similar to what the Native Tribal Nations have gone through, only in behalf of American Nationals.  Okay– so that answers several nagging questions I’ve had about GENERAL POST OFFICE.  You did a good and practical thing.  I agree with you about RuSA and several other misguided efforts to “be” or take over the corporation.”

What does this mean: 

1: Anna has been lying since 2012 about her claims that she got to the real Government and country first so her claim is heavily clouded etc…..

2: The Government of The United States of America has 100% ownership over the estates of Anna and James by their own signatures with red blood finger print. 

3: All of the claims made by anyone as an American State National is a fraud because the claim is based on a lie told by Anna and James. 

4: Everyone that has gone along with Anna and James wherein all of the slander has been going on demands an apology to the Government of The United States of America. Anyone that has made their claims under the estate of James is wholly owned by the Government of The United States of America with their signature and red ink thumb print etc….

We have tried to tell everyone that Anna was lying about her claims and now the whole world knows how gullible inhabitants really are on the internet. We have more evidence if anyone would like to request it. 

This is the kind of crap that comes from Anna and James followers: This was today….

“Anna von Reitz has not “forced” any association on you. You are the ones that have infringed upon our venerable — over two hundred year old trademarks — owned by our unincorporated Federation of States.

You are the ones that have tried to “incorporate as” The United States of America, Incorporated — a foreign entity.”

Your “empowerment”.

What a bunch of crap and what a bunch of Sinners.

You may sentence me to 37 years– albeit, with no authority to do so— but the True God will sentence you to an eternity of punishment where you belong.

Let his vengeance come upon you for what you have both failed to do and what you have done, all the self-interested lies you have told, the plagiarism you have committed, and the violence you have perpetuated against innocent people

Shame on you for misrepresenting yourselves and the word of God and the “proceedings” which your little group of miscreants and liars have engaged in.

Be ashamed of yourselves and your organization.

While “Anna von Reitz” took action to reclaim all the assets of the actual unincorporated Federation of States and save the public and private assets of the people of this country so that they can come forward and reclaim them, you sat on your asses and thought of nothing but yourselves and your material advantages.

The cowards and liars running this website and pretending to have authority as “the Covenant” which sounds suspiciously like “the Coven” from which the word “covenant” comes, need to go soak their heads and heal their hearts so that the come to The Truth both about themselves and their doings.

If you had any respect for “the word of God” you would act as godly and truthful people, not spreading lies, rumors, and falsehoods against people who have NOT harmed you in any way.

All that “Anna von Reitz” did was keep the door open so that all of you could come home and claim your assets out of an international bankruptcy. Wake to hell up.

I haven’t been tried or sentenced by any lawful or even legal court in this country, and all the things you have said here are false. Period.

Whoever is presenting this misinformation is criminally liable for defamation, slander, false accusations and fraud.

We rebuke all of these comments that were made on behalf of Anna and James in Yeshua/Yahushua/Jesus name and pray for these poor lost souls that they find their way to the straight gate and walk the narrow way. 

Published by the Real National assembly for the Government of The United States of America