The North American National Party stands with others that respect personal property rights! Guns are classified as personal property!


Published by the NANP NEWS on 05-30-2022


Guns, firearms, weapons….  It does not matter what you call them they are still personal property. Without personal property rights there would be no country and therefore corporations would not and could not exist. 

No corporations nor private clubs like the United Nations can exist without the Nation State. 

This whole idea of a world government cannot legally exist due to the fact that unanimous consent cannot be obtained and therefore cannot legally exist. 

The ideas of the World Economic Forum is nothing more than idiocracy filled with false dreams and promises issued from its members to its members. It is very clear that all members have complete disdain for human beings so they need to take all of their money and build an underwater fortress to separate their bodies from all others. 

Once they have separated from the rest, the members of the World Economic Forum need to test their theories before experimenting on everyone else.  Otherwise, whatever comes out of the World Economic Forum stays in the World Economic Forum and its by-laws subjects its members and no other.   

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America on 05-30-2022