Anna Von Reitz sentenced to 37 years in the nearest detention center!


PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 09-18-2020


The evidence, proof and intent declared, demonstrates that the leader Anna Von Reitz and the Coordinators conspire through their actions of theft, wordings, workings, challenges to property without demonstration of title, theft of intellectual property, and the attempted theft of the metes and bounds and seaward bounds of a truly free people. All the while, Respondents, were attempting to insinuate the title of fiduciary for said free people. Evidence found upon their own website and cited here to clarify the facts.

WHEREAS, demands, statements of declaration and public notices to the effect that “we own you” need no other proof of the Respondents blatant institution of Slavery and Slavery Claims upon all Unions, Inhabitants, Americans, American Nationals, General Postmasters, Government Office holders of The United States of America, and any other foreign parties residing in America for other Governmental Businesses or Non-Governmental Organizations. This is a clear statement of Slavery by Respondents which is unacceptable to many people groups world-wide and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This clear violation of Slavery therefore strips all Respondents of their rights of immunity.

WHEREAS, Respondents believe it possible to steal the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of a sovereign nation and then declare that they are exempt or immune to any recourse or prosecution. This is an attempt to steal/usurp and be found innocent.

52 million dollar lien will be granted to the first one that will place Anna Von Reitz in their detention center with intent to hold for 37 years, no probation, no parole.   

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Hereby published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America,