What does “U.S.” really mean?


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The following map shows what people believe to be the United States today. This is what they are shown in school and on the internet.


However, a picture or map does not show how it operates. The words, United States and U.S. are different. U.S. means United city-states. Now most people that have read about the three city-states think about the Vatican, Washington D.C. and the Crown city state also known as the City of London. The Crown Temple is where New Jerusalem was located. The name is wrong and so is the location of New Jerusalem.  New Yerushalayim is destined to be  in America as a light of freedom throughout the world. If anyone will notice, New Jerusalem has not really done a whole lot for people and has definitely lost its luster. That means that New Jerusalem is the wrong place and the wrong name. They can thank the Council of Nicaea for that blunder.

Here is what really happened from the 1940’s and on in America. The whole thing started in 1924. LINK. Since those scholars thought that New Yerushalayim was already in place, and they had God’s blessing, anyone else that was not privy  to the knowledge was nothing but a bad of dirt and not worthy of redemption nor salvation.  People living under a deception tend to become tyrannical and believe themselves greater that everyone else.  This also means that people living under a deception begin to violate laws and think it is o.k. because they are doing Gods will. Here is what they did:

Overlay Survey

Here is the map in a Jpg format, the link above is in a PDF format anyone can download.

Surveys Layers Overlays

If anyone makes this map larger, all will notice that cities are listed instead of States like in the first map that everyone sees everyday. These are city-states mapped out over a 30 year period and the country as a whole was changed with an overlay survey without anyone knowing about it. So the U.S. does not only include the three aforementioned city-states, it also includes all of the cities mapped out above surveyed as city-states. These city-states were formed under the Constitution of the new states of America that has been declared in violation of all 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights- Link Here    Each city-state is referred to as Metro government and will be made out to be the saviors of the country as a whole. However, all that is foreseen is a whole bunch of human rights violations because the whole plan was a deception in the first place. The men that thought they were doing God’s Will were deceived and are still deceived today. Just remember, these people do not work under the perception that there are States in place, they all stick together operate as city-states. 


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