The State of Oregon created a 350 Million dollar judgment against it!


Published on 04-01-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

The Carolyn Rousseau case is coming to a close after her demise a few weeks ago.  The husband of Carolyn Rousseau, Delant Cory Palmerton both endured a 10 year nightmare as victims of Agenda 21 implemented against the elderly by the United Nations.  Her case was connected to the United Nations that implements and decides when the elderly are no longer useful and therefore strips the elderly of all assets and wealth. They are placed into a detention center called an assisted living facility and when medical treatment is needed, the Staff decides whether or not to let the elderly person die under United Nations supervision. 

Unfortunately, Agenda 21 and 30 violate every human right within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since the United Nations is such a large organization, human rights violations don’t seem to matter.  Just pass the United Nations a few bucks and the human rights commission will look the other way.

It would be prudent that if anyone’s parents are in the elderly stage, please place all assets into a trust or some other legal structure due to the fact that the Carolyn Rousseau case is one of thousands being enforced against everyone’s grandmother and grandfather. Please protect yourself from these agendas being passed by the United Nations assembly. 

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