The North American National Party hereby objects to the content of a certain article written by Jacquelyn Weaver thereby falsifying the International Record!




The North American National Party (NANP) hereby objects to certain statements that have been published by one Jacquelyn Weaver that runs a blog called “Tracking The Leopard Meroz”. The North American National Party does not normally point these little issues out, however, the North American National Party can see what the fascist party is doing very slowly meaning, they are attempting to alter an established international record in very subtle ways. This is a common practice by corporations claiming to be a government.

1: The first thing Jacquelyn Weaver did was place an article that is published on THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST and placed that publication of record under the title: “Sovereign Citizen Mike Parsons Demonstrates How Not To Make A Citizen Arrest”. THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST does not know who Mike Parsons is and also is not responsible for placing a domestic terrorist target on the back of Mike Parsons. Further, the North American National Party does not know who Mike Parsons is wherein Mike Parsons is not a member of the North American National Party. LINK!

2: Jacquelyn Weaver then willingly, knowingly and intentionally wrote the following: “sovereign citizen John Harold Fulks, the self-appointed Governor of the United States of America.”

Objection by the NANP: John Harold Fulks is not a self appointed Governor of the United States of America nor is he a citizen of the United States. John Harold Fulks is the elected Governor for the Government of The United States of America; elected by the North American National Party members in 2013, then was appointed in 2018 to finish out the previous Governor’s term: LINK! Further, Jacquelyn Weaver failed to make a distinction between “the United States of America” and “The United States of America” thereby displaying incompetence in her posting.

3: Jacquelyn Weaver wrote: ” After the FBI decided to consider Fulk’s illegal arrest warrant as a call for a hit against the life of Virgo Triad, Fulks published a June 19, 2018 notice at reign of the declaring that the Virgo Triad case had been transferred to their Human Rights Tribunal (HRT), thus suspending the arrest warrant. By this new action, the penalty for each HRT violation is a $750,000 fine.”

Objection by the NANP: The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has not released any official determination under its letterhead as to what its position is on the International Arrest Warrant against Virgo Triad or any other International Arrest Warrant issued. The claim of a hit against Virgo Triad came from Virgo Triad and there has been no release of any documentation that any conversation in fact occurred between Virgo Triad and the FBI. Further, it is not up to the FBI to make any determination of any foreign documents and any determination would be notwithstanding unless properly adjudicated in a real international court of law. Just because a privately owned company claiming to be a government claims something does not mean that it is true or correct. Further, the decision to transfer the case to the Human Rights Tribunal was the decision of the National assembly wherein the National assembly did not make the decision based on a hearsay determination. It was made on the basis that Virgo Triad was claiming victim and attempting to use the International Arrest Warrant as a means to gain sympathy from the public as a victim. So the International Arrest Warrant was withdrawn to take away any political tools that Virgo Triad could use to avoid the attempted murder charge against Virgo Triad.

4: Jacquelyn Weaver wrote: “The original arrest warrant had included instructions that “any and all are hereby authorized to detain, incarcerate, and in the case of violent resistance, use deadly force against proclaimed and verified owner and operator Virgo Triad”. Now that this warrant has been suspended, we can breathe a sigh of relief that it has been replaced by a more humanitarian extortionist demand.”

Objection by the NANP: Jacquelyn Weaver does not have any authority, under freedom of speech to make a determination that damages against victims of human rights violations are under the international classification of extortion.

5: Jacquelyn Weaver then proceeds to talk about a completely different subject matter that has nothing to do with the NANP, however the way it is written, forces an association of two completely different subject matters which is nothing more than false reporting, lying to the public, an attempt to falsify the international record, trespass on a social compact agreement with intent to do harm and pure violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Further, recognition by the United States is not required:

Organization of American States Charter: Recognition is not required as written here: LINK!

Article 13:

“The political existence of the State is independent of recognition by other States. Even before being recognized, the State has the right to defend its integrity and independence, to provide for its preservation and prosperity, and consequently to organize itself as it sees fit, to legislate concerning its interests, to administer its services, and to determine the jurisdiction and competence of its courts. The exercise of these rights is limited only by the exercise of the rights of other States in accordance with international law.”

The United States does not have a monopoly on recognition or non-recognition and as it pertains to something being valid or invalid. The United Nations has attempted to corner the recognition and non-recognition international market and has succeeded to convince weak minded people into believing its claimed position under a unprecedented marketing scheme. If whatever has been formed or reformed follows the Law of Nations, then it is valid regardless of any political or religious point of view expressed. If whatever is formed and reformed does not follow the Law of Nations, then it is invalid and that determination is outside of any decision of the United States and the United Nations. Any claim otherwise is nothing more than arrogant political rhetoric by uneducated people attempting to solidify their position of allegiance to something that they are not a party thereto.