The Government of The United States of America issues transgender restroom guidance to schools!


Published on 05-14-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Guidance delivered by the office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America


The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America (Governor) is offering the following guidance to the schools on how to handle the transgender issue in reference to this article: LINK

1: The tax payer money spent on this issue and the subject matter itself will surely fix the 42% un-employment rate currently residing in the U.S.

2: The subject matter of the transgender issue is great leadership because it cures the homeless rate over night. The Department of Justice is doing a great job in offering its guidance in the transgender issue because it cures its debt problem and more debt should be spent on other issues that deal with the personal sexual issues of the people. The psychological counseling that the Department of Justice is engaging in should fix everything.

3: Blackmailing school districts into complying with the transgender issue is an excellent way to insure the psychological welfare of the people as a whole wherein some kind of award is in need to being awarded to the psychologist that rendered that advice.

4: Please provide the evidence that speaking about the gay and transgender issue for 8 years has in fact cured the multiple human rights violations that comes from unemployment, homelessness and starvation that currently resides in every district within that grand ole new union.

5: Please speak clearly so that everyone can listen to the guidance as to how publicizing sexual preferences for 8 years; and when are the pedophiles going to be released from prison when it is finally legal to commit violent acts against children by having sex with them under the guidelines of a “Sexual Emergency”?

6: The aforementioned subject matter does cure the problem of arbitrary  arrests of the homeless and is an excellent way  to spend and bring in revenue.

7: “Socialism is a great thing until the other guy runs out of money”. Margaret Thatcher

The real guidance from the Government of The United States of America is as follows: 

1: The boys use the boys restroom and the girls use the girls restroom. To perpetuate crime when a sexual deviant claims to be transgender for the purpose of raping teenage girls is not guidance, it is suicide of a society.

2: Boys and girls can be identified by the sex that they were identified as on their birth certificate.

3: Any psychological counseling on this issue can be paid for by the individual damaged after the age of eighteen.

4: The transgender and gay issue is not a public issue and therefore the Public Trust is not liable to fix the issue. The issues are private in nature and therefore not the expense of the people.

5: All school districts qualify to receive perpetual funding of a National currency that is debt free and interest free from this Government since it was this Government that started the school districts in the first place.

Presented by the Government of The United States of America