The Government of The United States of America hereby condemns the Democratic Party!


                        INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The Government of The United States of America hereby condemns the Democratic Party. Under normal circumstances and Internationally a condemnation will usually be within the subject matter of an act committed by a party. In this situation the Democratic Party itself is being condemned for the following nefarious acts committed in the view of the public at large:

1: Implementing a white supremacy scheme in an effort to implement the plan of genocide through ethnic cleansing, ie.. Planned Parent Hood and inciting civil war.

2: Consistently publishing false accusations through CNN and MSNBC and other news outlets.

3: Filing and publishing harassment lawsuits thereby using the Crown Temple in the city of London as a political weapon violating its neutrality.

4: Murdering Democratic Party Members for exposing nefarious acts and other crimes of the Democratic Party.

5: Harassment of foreign countries in an effort to start wars that commit crimes against humanity without legal rights to invade those countries thereby profiting from said murders on both sides of the conflict.

6: Aiding and abetting the terrorist organization known as C.A.I.R. Council on American-Islamic Relations classified as a Terrorist Organization by United Arab Emirates, November 28th, 2014. Aiding and abetting a terrorist organization is in fact treason against the country.

7: Consistently undermining the security of the country in an effort to use Islam as its weapon against minorities in an effort to implement ethnic cleansing.

8: Creating a closed loop system of non-recognized currency in an effort to fund its international nefarious acts outside of its political rights thereby never taking and or accepting responsibility for its own crimes.

This concludes these particular points of condemnation, however the Government of The United States of America reserves the right to add more points of condemnation as the case may arise.