The Government of The United States of America accepts and acknowledges the obligations and rights of Romans Chapter 13!



Last week the reign of the heavens society Temple accepted and acknowledged the obligations and rights of Romans Chapter 13LINK

This week the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America accepted and acknowledged its completed apportioned part of the obligations and rights of Romans Chapter 13. LINK

Further, the Government of The United States of America (hereinafter: “Government”) is not accepting and acknowledging the obligations of Romans 13 for the purpose of its own use to change the laws and use it as a weapon against the people. 

For when the Nazis and slave owners and others throughout history quoted Romans 13, they used that authority for evil and to serve the darkness to fill their pockets and for many vile acts against its purpose. 

The Government is seeing nothing but anarchy within the country, the children are being sexually attacked on a daily basis, killed, eaten and tortured. Satanists and Luciferians are sacrificing children on their alters and are addicted to adrenochrome, drinking of the blood. 

The Government stands against this evil perpetrated on a daily basis in America and stands with God against this evil. 

The Churches have no need to be afraid, Christians are not in need of being afraid, however, people doing evil things towards the innocent need to be afraid. 

The Government will not turn into Nazis nor uphold any form of slavery, nor separate the families. The Government is simply picking a side and it is not involving itself in Baal Peor nor will it be bullied into Baal Peor. The whole purpose of Romans 13 is to protect the innocent and the weak, not attack the Jews, Christians or any other God fearing people like others did in the past completely against the intent of Romans 13. 

It is time to clean up all of this evil in our midst and put away all of these immoral, abominable, appalling, repulsive and revolting acts against children. It needs to stop immediately. 

As it is written within the accepting and acknowledging the obligation of Romans 13, nothing within the new covenant is added nor taken away, therefore slavery, Nazism, nor any other vile act will be perpetrated by the Government of The United States of America. As we all know, with power comes responsibility and all that use it must be held accountable if used in violation of the one who granted it by manipulating the intent for selfish reasons or to glorify ones self or for some other political agenda that twists the intent of Romans 13.

It is time to pick a side and stand against these horrible acts happening all around us, not stand as an observer or a neutral party. The time for complacency is over, the time to act against Baal Peor is now or one day you will be forced to join it or be charged with a hate crime. In the near future, if a Baal Peor worshiper wants your child for self gratification and you object, you will be charged with a hate crime. If you choose to not sacrifice your child or refuse to allow your child be sacrificed, you will be charged with a hate crime. 

This sounds like the Government is going overboard, however it is already happening by simply misgendering someone in California. LINK and here: LINK

Romans 13 is the only authority granted to combat Baal Peor for all is done in Jesus name and with his armor which protects the appointed while stopping and incarcerating those doing evil under the Baal Peor covenant.  

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.