The Constitution for the Newstates of America is suspended for multiple Human Rights Violations!


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The Human Rights Tribunal convened yesterday to hear a case of a man being pulled over and taken to jail on Friday afternoon(10-03-2014). The problem is the man was riding a bicycle and has physical disabilities meaning recovering from injuries from a previous automobile accident.

The Tennessee State Trooper is working as a criminal investigator for Tennessee according to his biography on “linkedin”.  One of the international notaries hearing the case said “this looks like a total setup”.  “Nothing sounds like a random traffic stop in this case.”


If our readers will remember the posting on the Monsanto investigation International Public Notice, that investigation led to the “Constitution of the Newstates of America” which links all the way back to June 7, 1629 and the Charter of “Freedoms and Exemptions to Patroons”  which makes up Manhattan Island today. The Netherlands granted the charter which is the International Criminal Court or otherwise known as the “World Court” today. Is anyone seeing a pattern here?

The Constitution of the Newstates of America found here with committee notes: COMMITTEE NOTES

(Everywhere you see an Article reference in yellow highlight, it refers to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and which Article the particular section of the Constitution violates): Universal Declaration

Of course, many so-called law scholars will claim that statutes have to be written under each Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in order for it to be enforceable in any jurisdiction. That claim is for those that want to defend the Human Rights Violators when their clients get caught violating Human Rights. Most if not all of the statutes written under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are designed to stop the effective application and prosecution of Human Rights violations. So, the Human Rights Tribunal decided that the Declaration itself and each Article is sufficient enough to reveal any Human Rights violation to the Public at Large. 

For the U.S. constitution(1789) enthusiasts that still believe in the federal state structure, the aforementioned Constitution of the Newstates of America is the Constitution, or one like it under the same name, that is being claimed by all Metro bodies across America as the law of the land. NOT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION! (1789) Has anyone noticed that more than most cities are calling themselves “Metro” this and “Metro” that, it is because the Metro private membership associations has been slowly moving in under the U.S. Constitution (1st and 14th Amendment) and taking over. Metro policy and Constitutional structure has been linked back to Nazi Germany in WWII.

Further, Metro is linked to the  DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE (1976)  by those elected representatives that thought is necessary to lead their voters to the  dark side of the force. (second paragraph: “Two centuries ago our forefathers brought forth a new nation; now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order.”)(the entire list of signatories are at the end of the Declaration of Interdependence)

There it is folks, plenty of reading and revelation to ponder!