The committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America hereby declares the Democratic Party an enemy of the Law of Nations!



Due to the past two years of nothing but strife, violence, contention and adhering to foreign enemies at the expense of this country for a quick buck, the 527 organization known as the Democratic Party is hereby declared an enemy of the Law of Nations.

The Law of Nations was and is the foundation of any country formed after the late 1700’s. The Law of Nations book was derived from the Scriptures. The members of the Democratic Party have done nothing but attempt to put away the Law of Nations in an attempt to escape liability for its members. The crimes against humanity, multiple war crimes, and multiple human rights violations being committed on a daily basis while at the same time claiming its adheres to these principals of international law when it suits its purpose to dismantle this country must come to an end.

Running a country is not a game nor is it a political game. Opening borders and endangering the lives of people is not a game. Displacing thousands of people with promises of a better life for the purpose of a stupid vote is not a game. Starting civil wars in other countries is not a game. The immaturity displayed by the Democratic Party is an embarrassment to every mature human being on this planet. By continuing to support satanic organizations to pollute the minds of the young is not a game. There are serious consequences involved in all of these activities.

It is time to do away with this 527 organization calling itself a Democratic Party. Its activities since it inception have done nothing more than pollute this country with expense; spiritually and monetarily. It has run its course and it is time to move forward to bigger and better things for a brighter future for all.

For with all of this violence used to force people to let the Democratic Party members have their way has done nothing more than cause those people that have had to live through the violence to outgrow it. We shall move forward and leave the Democratic Party at the kiddie table to fight over the scraps left to them by their task masters. The members do not deserve a country, nor do they deserve any power and authority, they deserve exile and condemnation for their acts of treason against the Law of Nations.

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.