Possible ACIJ and ITNJ Connection + Public Notice


Published on 05-07-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Upon further investigation, it appears that ACIJ LINK (Arbitration Court
of International Justice) is now operating as ITNJ LINK (International Tribunal for Natural Justice). 

Anyone that does some basic and simple research on these people involved with this campaign can tell right away it is a complete scam.

The Human Rights Tribunal or The Human Rights Defenders are not affiliated either directly nor indirectly with the above foreign entities. In the opinion of the Human Rights Defenders, all of the people involved with these groups are running a scheme that involves fleecing people out of their cash. Buyer and donor beware.

The groups above have been linked to the United Nations itself running a scam which is not surprising. If anyone wants to know more about those groups, just do a Google search, all of the information is there.

Public Notice

Anyone claiming American National status can verify the claim here: National Status Claims office . If their name is not on that list, the claim is arbitrary and notwithstanding.