Jessica Reynolds and Church of Christ’s pastor Eileen Gebbie of Story county Iowa charged with Human Rights Violations!



An Iowa man, Adolfo Martinez, 30, of Ames, who was arrested after tearing down and burning an LGBTQ flag that was hanging at a church will spend at least 15 years behind bars, according to reports.

The LGBTQ community has a reputation for being tyrannical, controlling and all violate the basic human rights that all enjoy. The reasons for these descriptions is the fact that the LGBTQ community has nothing to do with Human Rights. LGBTQ is in fact a ancient religion known as Baal Peor. Baal Peor is a weapon/sabotage used to wage war against the one living God Yahweh and creation itself. Baal Peor was created by the wicked man Balaam.

Burning a flag is under freedom of speech, it is a form of communication to the County of Story that a woman known as Eileen Gebbie is at war with God as a member of LGBTQ community while at the same time misrepresenting the Church of Christ. Eileen Gebbie practices the religion of Baal Peor yet represents her person as a Christian wherein both are opposites. Burning the LGBTQ flag that does not represent a people but represents a weapon of war against heaven and is not a hate crime, it was an act of communication and warning to everyone in Story county Iowa that the Church of Christ is under sabotage by its pastor.

Jessica Reynolds committed mal-practice in this case because Jessica Reynolds twisted the meaning of free speech into a crime for political reasons wherein Jessica Reynolds converted one communication made by Adolfo Martinez into her own communication to the rest of the world that she sees cruel and unusual punishment as justice when no injury occurred. Jessica Reynolds is virtue signaling, something used in the Baal Peor religion used as a form of communication and solidarity of sabotage of other religions.

Baal Peor worshipers do not assimilate, Baal Peor worshipers invade and force their way into acceptance through force association, violation of Article 20.

Baal Peor is nothing more than a religion also known as Satan worship under the Church of Satan that has nothing to do with the Church of Christ.

Burning a Flag is not arson nor is it a hate crime because the rainbow flag does not represent a people. a country, a Nationality or anything else. There is no such statute that covers arson as a hate crime in the State of Iowa and there is no relation between arson and hate because there is no way to prove that a certain emotion was felt during the act of arson.

Jessica Reynolds committed an act of International terrorism when she twisted the meanings of words, hid the religion/facts from the jury about the LGBTQ community and its violent and totalitarian ideology to gain more time in a sentence in an effort to frighten anyone that dare confront the LGBTQ community and in other words, the use of violence or of the threat of violence in the pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives .Lying by omission is violence especially if it involves cruel and unusual punishment as a result and a prosecutor hiding evidence to get a conviction on behalf of a particular group.

Jessica Reynolds, by her actions, took a warning by Adolfo Martinez, 30, which was his civic duty and twisted that communication into a virtue signal that Jessica Reynolds is a traitor to heaven and to God, declared war against God, and imprisoned a man of God that was sent to warn the inhabitants of Story county, Iowa. Complaint: LINK

Published by the committee of the National assembly of the Government of The United States of America.