Cease and Desist the Slander!


Published on 04-21-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

This is a quote from the Articles of Organization of the reign of the heavens society when it was formed.

“Furthermore, I will safeguard the helpless and ignorant and teach them to stand on their own. I will uphold the laws of the reign of the heavens, its trust agreement and the Articles of Organization of the reign of the heavens society, I speak these words in the name of Yahweh, not in conflict with the Sovereign of the reign of the heavens Yahushua, and before my neighbors, so that I shall have standing among all other Nations and States, the reign of the heavens society or otherwise. All these words I speak, I promise, and”

If anyone hears of any idiot claiming that we claimed the “Kingdom of Heaven” and the seat of the Most High Yahweh, please let them know that they will be receiving a slander suit against them to the tune of 750 thousand in legal tender for each count of slander. THERE IS NO ANTI-CHRIST HERE! There are good people doing some phenomenal work dedicated to the freedom of their own families, their country and fellow countrymen. 

As everyone can see that the Citizens and Nationals of the reign of the heavens fully acknowledge the Sovereign of the reign of the heavens and no one claimed Yahushua’s position or Yahweh’s position anywhere in the documents. The phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” is a misnomer created by the monarchs of Europe to condone their subjection of the people and to give the appearance that God in heaven endorses their throne and your subject status.

There is a difference between willingly following a man because you want to follow him through respect and wanting the same things and using the throne of the Most High to get people to believe that if you don’t submit that God himself will throw your eternal soul into hell to be burned in the lake of fire.

The latter claim by the Monarchs of Europe has been used to do evil against people in the name of God for centuries. Learn the difference and stop the slander that is derived from ignorance and childish fears. Further, there are a lot of very jealous people self projecting fears and superstitions and they are going to cost you a lawsuit and deprivation of liberty through economic hardship.

Further, the news outlets are doing nothing but attacking each other in a fight between the left and the right which is accomplishing nothing. Whether your news organization is alternative media or mainstream media does not matter, you are all media and attacking each other does nothing more than bring shame and disgrace to the media profession as a whole.

Slander is a heinous crime that has no place in America.  Slander is an embarrassment to our country and our countrymen.  Cease and desist on the lies and slander. It accomplishes nothing and allows a third party to reap the profits and rewards of a worn out political agenda.