Ban Ki Moon IGNORES the United Nations Charter


Published on 12-02-2014 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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Published on 12-04-2014 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

In this particular generation, the definition of leadership has taken a turn for the worse.  In today’s world, leadership has been defined as “I am a leader, so I no longer have to follow the rules of my own organization”. 

Leadership has only one rule, “lead your people to follow the rules of the organization”.  When leaders stop following the rules, it angers everyone and causes violence. Then the leaders start imparting hypocrisy across the world by urging the people to follow the rules that they themselves refuse to follow. Here are a couple of examples: Quote: The UN complaints, meanwhile, increasingly come with a growing list of UN demands on how local, state, and federal authorities must allegedly bow down to what globalist bureaucrats describe as “international law.” end quote  source LINK.

Here is another example: “Speaking through a spokesperson, Ban, who in August demanded that local police in Ferguson adhere to “international standards,” called on both demonstrators and police to be “peaceful.”  source LINK

Here is another example:

“Prince Harry is facing fresh embarrassment as it has been revealed his nude romp in Vegas may have been caught on video.

Pictures of a naked Harry covering his genitals and hugging a nude woman while playing strip billiards in a Vegas hotel room emerged last week.

Harry, along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, is an ambassador for the Team GB Paralympics squad.” source LINK.

Prince Harry can’t follow the rules of leadership in his own country, therefore the people of England are represented by an individual that believes that leadership relieves him of laws and rules. This distorted belief angers the people of England because they have given up their rights to self defense to a child following his zipper and not a reliable source of protection. Now the people of England are angry at themselves on a daily basis for giving up their rights of self defense. As of now, if they followed the examples of their leaders, the whole country would be in shambles, instead the people have more integrity then their leaders and therefore the law prevails. 

Now therefore, the Government of The United States of America sent a declaration to the United Nations according to the rules of the United Nations Charter, once in 2013 and once in 2014. LINK   Yet it was ignored by Ban Ki Moon.  Therefore, any statement coming from Ban Ki Moon is presented as a hypocritical statement perpetrated by Ban Ki Moon.  Ban Ki Moon himself is guilty of Human  Rights Violations, yet expects to be immune from liability due to his office.  Therefore chaos will erupt because it’s leader has ignored the rules of the organization just like Prince Harry.

The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2013 looks like a good idea, because the people at the United Nations are simply not ready to lead anyone if they can’t follow their own rules and think chaos and hypocrisy is funny and a big joke. The United Nations leadership now appears like a bunch of college kids having a frat party.  The organization is without honor at the moment and does not know how to lead themselves much less lead a world to peace. The so-called leaders do not know the basic rules of the organization and leadership. Leadership is simple, follow and uphold the rules of the organization, otherwise, you lose all respect like the United Nations has done to itself.

Ban Ki Moon needs to go back and read the rules of the Charter, if he can’t do that, then the organization becomes null and void and a new organization needs to be formed by adults. It is a sad day when Governments attempting to become members of an organization have to explain the rules of the organization to its leaders.