A look inside the courts within the United States and the fact that they mark people for murder when their employers are challenged!!


This particular case has been going on for around three years and it is over currency but started out as a gold digger trying to fleece her ex-husband. If anyone reads this affidavit, only 6 pages long, it will show everyone the true allegiance of the courts, how they hide their murders of “so called “problems”,  and whom they murder for everyday. Anyone that exposes the courts crimes is a target for murder and we have all of the evidence. A signed and notarized affidavit will be available once the newspaper gets a copy of it.  



Comes now, Lanny Kay Talbot –Trustee for LANNY KAY TALBOT, PMA, (hereinafter “Affiant”) being competent to testify and being over the age of 21 years, after first being duly affirmed according to law to tell the truth to the facts related herein states that Affiant has firsthand knowledge of the facts stated herein and believes these facts to be true to the best of Affiant’s knowledge and belief, and

  • On September 3, 2018, Affiant did give the Clerk of THE SIXTH DISTRICT COURT FOR KANE COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH, Kane County Courthouse, 76 North Main Street, Kanab, Utah, +4,500 CONTINENTAL DOLLARS, of National Currency of the Government of The United States of America, which Affiant earns for his work as Ambassador.

  • The +4,500 CONTINENTAL DOLLARS given to the said Clerk was valued at $72,000 Federal Reserve Notes, and

2.) On September 10, 2018, IN THE SIXTH DISTRICT COURT FOR KANE COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH, Kane County Courthouse, 76 North Main Street, Kanab, Utah,

Affiant attended an ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE hearing Case No. 08460002, with Judge Brody Keisel presiding. The hearing was about Property Settlement of a Decree of Divorce entered on August 18, 2008, and  

When the Affiant reminded the Court about the +4,500 CONTINENTAL DOLLARS that Affiant paid to the Court to give to the Respondent, the Judge Brody Keisel told Affiant that he would call the Continental Dollars “Other Money” then Ordered Affiant to pay Respondent in U.S. currency; thus making the species of money an issue and stated that he could not confirm or deny that the U.S. Treasury was investigating the said Continental Dollars that Affiant paid to the court in an effort to intimidate and threaten the Affiant, and

Affiant told the Judge Brody Keisel that the said investigation was welcomed. The Judge Brody Keisel then postponed the hearing until October 4, 2018, and  

3.) On October 04, 2018, 2 pm, IN THE SIXTH DISTRICT COURT FOR KANE COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH, Kane County Courthouse, 76 North Main Street, Kanab, Utah. The Affiant asked the Judge Brody Keisel what became of the investigation on the Continental Dollars Affiant paid the Court; Judge Brody Keisel would not talk about the said investigation, and

Affiant addressed the Court at least six times and the Respondent, if the Court and/or Respondent accepted or rejected the payment of +4,500 CONTINENTAL DOLLARS, Legal Tender which the affiant gave the Court, and  

Both the Court and Respondent rejected the payment of Continental Dollars but did not return the Continental Dollars. Judge Brody Keisel proceeded to order Affiant to pay Respondent in U.S. currency/Federal Reserve Notes, thus demanding a particular currency on behalf of the Respondent that created a prejudice against the Continental Dollar, and

The Continental Dollars were not returned to Affiant wherein a lie was created by the Judge Brody Keisel when a separate demand was made in another currency thereby a double payment was demanded, and    

Judge Brody Keisel, further ordered Affiant, to assign Affiant’s Life Insurance over to Respondent, thereby making Respondent the owner of Affiant’s Life Insurance Policy, even though Affiant had paid Respondent the +4,500 Continental Dollars, valued at $72,000 Federal Reserve Notes, and

4: On September 12, 2017, Affiant’s Son’s mother bought Son a House and property for his inheritance. Son placed Affiant on the Deed with him, because Son didn’t have any credit to get the utilities hooked up, but Affiant already had all of the utilities from a house Affiant was renting and would transfer to Son’s said House, and

5.) Son and Affiant and Son’s intent was to transfer said house and property into a Trust, with Son’s children as beneficiaries, so on September 4, 2018, a local Title Company was used to prepare the deed into the Trust, they made a deed to the Affiant’s old Trust and recorded it, and  

When Affiant and Son realized the mistake, on September 5, 2018, the Son and Affiant had the Title Company prepare the right deed, placing the house and property into The Gentius Irrevocable Inter-vivos Trust, dated January 10, 2016, with Son and Affiant as Trustees and Son’s children as beneficiaries. The three said deeds were recorded with the Government of The United States of America’s Recorder and with Garfield County, State of Utah, and

6.) Affiant filed a Notice of Appeal for the prejudice against the Continental Dollars on October 16, 2018 and the case proceeded through the Utah Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals affirmed the District Court’s contempt order and never acknowledged the compliance to the demand for payment and the violation of the lowers courts violation of Public Policy as it pertains to U.S. currency. NO U.S. citizen has any legal right to demand any particular kind of currency as payment, and

Affiant filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the Utah Supreme Court. The Writ was denied on May 30, 2019 with the same imperfections, and

7.) Affiant and Son placed two Federal Common Law Liens and Writ of Attachment on Real and Personal Property on the said first two deeds and The Gentius Trust on July 3, 2019. Affiant placed a Federal Common Law Lien and Writ of Attachment on Real and Personal Property on Affiant’s Person, August 16, 2019, all are attached in an effort to diminish any want, and  

8.) Affiant, Son and The Gentius Trust property was not part of the case, but became part of the case after Judge Brody Keisel signed a new Writ of Execution even though Judge Brody Keisel said at a earlier hearing that the property transferred to the aforesaid trust was not a part of any judgment or court order and told the Respondent that the issue would have to be a part of a completely different law suit. Both Respondent and Judge Brody Keisel, working together had a precedent of changing the facts and rules as the case progressed as if Judge Brody Keisel had something to gain by continuing to change the subject matter of the case every time the payment of Continental Dollars came up, and  

9.) On July 8th & 9th, 2019, Affiant and Son were served with Writ of Execution from THE SIXTH DISTRICT COURT FOR KANE COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH, Kane County Courthouse, 76 North Main Street, Kanab, Utah, ordering Garfield County Sheriff to take Affiant’s Son’s house and sell it to pay Respondent. Affiant’s Son was not a part of any case anywhere, and

10.) On July 17, 2019, Affiant was served with Bench Warrant from THE SIXTH DISTRICT COURT FOR KANE COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH, Kane County Courthouse, 76 North Main Street, Kanab, Utah, ordering Garfield County Sheriff to take Affiant to jail for a day and made Affiant pay 1,000 cash only Bail in federal reserve notes, and  

Garfield County Sheriff made an arbitrary arrest of other person that has a position of Ambassador in other international person which became relevant after both Judge Brody Keisel and Respondent refused payment in full in Continental Dollars, and

Judge Brody Keisel ordered Affiant to pay 5,000 to the Court Clerk and separated the Public Bond money and gave the 6,000 to Respondent’s Attorney, and

Judge Brody Keisel arrested Affiant on an invalidated warrant, when now it is clear Affiant is not under the state within a State. Affiant has his person in a device and Judge Brody Keisel consumed intangible property from Affiant’s Government or virtually to include arresting the Affiant when status is Ambassador and completes the cycles of trespass after payment was refused and discharged in full in accordance with Public Policy, and

Judge Brody Keisel commenced a robbery across international borders in the form of a trespass for theft 6000 and accumulated and mixed funds and bonds to pass money as if in a conspiracy to a Bar Member (Respondent’s Attorney) whom acted in the case, and  

  1. On July 18, 2019, Affiant, Son and Son’s Mother, sent a reply and a request for a Hearing on the Writ of Execution, along with Affidavit of Son’s mother Sally Anne Kaley, to the SIXTH DISTRICT COURT FOR KANE COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH, Kane County Courthouse, 76 North Main Street, Kanab, Utah, and

  2. On August 7, 2019, Affiant and Son were served with Notice of Sheriff’s Sale of the said House and property from THE SIXTH DISTRICT COURT FOR KANE COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH, Kane County Courthouse, 76 North Main Street, Kanab, Utah, said Sale by the Garfield County Sheriff would take place August 27, 2019, and

13.) Judge Brody Keisel still practices from the Bench and has continued to issue orders across clearly defined international borders of another Government’s Jurisdiction and The United States of America’s metes and bounds and seaward boundaries, which are all outside of Judge Brody Keisel’s legal jurisdiction after the initial claim was discharged in full, and  

The Affiant in this time, in an instrument, in device was a violence of prejudice, an another Government was a prejudice, wherein a communist conversion was apparent, derived from the Democratic INTERdependency of 1976, and 

Democratic INTERdependency of 1976 is a device used by world communism to traffic persons into the accounts of the IMF/Governorship under world communism. The same issues from earlier case actions are continued thus Judge Brody Keisel continues arbitrary Jurisdictional Issues and trespass with prejudice and malice, and  

14.) The affiant states that on August 14th, 2019, affiant filed a Federal Law Suit,Case No. 419-cv-00079-DN,Title 42 § 1983 § 1988 Trial by Jury, Civil Rights – other Person: across metes and bounds of two (2) or more different Legislatures Involuntary privatization in use by Utah body corporate, the Defendants were State of Utah, state of Utah, Governor Gary R. Herbert Attorney General Sean D. Reyes, Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, Magistrate Brody Keisel and Clerk Holly Ramsay, and

15.) On February 5, 2020, Federal District Judge David Nuffer, signed two Orders to Dismiss, one to dismiss the suit against the DNC and Tom Perez (Exhibit B) and another on to dismiss the suit against State of Utah, state of Utah, Governor Gary R. Herbert, Attorney General Sean D. Reyes, Judge Brody Keisel and Clerk Holly Ramsay(Exhibit A). In Exhibit A, the order to dismiss, states in portion, and


“Talbot cannot avoid jurisdiction by arguing that he “moved his person into the new restored ‘The United States of America.’ Nor can he avoid jurisdiction by saying that “[t]he Plaintiff and his Person were moved into PMA/Trust Instrument under the care, custody, and control of 1st in time and 1st in right ‘The United States of America,’” or that he “is Operating within an Instrument made as a device for security of and for Plaintiff Person ….” These arguments, often made by so-called “sovereign citizens,” are meritless.”

“[A]n individual’s belief that [his] status as a sovereign citizen puts him beyond the jurisdiction of the courts has no conceivable validity in American law” “Jurisdiction is a matter of law, statute, and constitution, not a child’s game wherein one’s power is magnified or diminished by the display of some magic talisman or by the use of special seals … or by the recitals of Special Words, Phrases or Arcane Incantations.”“Regardless of an individual’s claimed status … be it as a sovereign citizen, a secured-party creditor, or a flesh-and-blood human being, that person is not beyond the jurisdiction of the courts.”  In fact, such arguments “are patently frivolous” and “should be rejected summarily, however they are presented.”

“Most importantly, “a plaintiff’s filing suit constitutes consent to a district court’s exercise of jurisdiction over him or her.” Talbot filed a divorce petition against his wife Marie Talbot in the Sixth Judicial District of the State of Utah, thus beginning the state court proceeding that is now at the core of his claim. He cannot now make a colorable argument that the Sixth District lacked jurisdiction. Therefore, Talbot’s argument that the Sixth District lacked jurisdiction fails, and no exception applies to bar the application of judicial immunity to Judge Brody Keisel.”

Affiant demands the time, date and place that the Affiant claimed to be a citizen of the United States when the claim of other person is self evident?

Affiant demands the time, date and place that the Affiant claimed to be sovereign?

16.)Order to Dismiss, which was created by HEATHER J. CHESNUT, Assistant Utah Attorney General and signed by Federal District Judge David Nuffer, claims Affiant is a “sovereign citizen”.  See Exhibit A.

17) The Affiant never argued jurisdiction nor claimed to be a sovereign citizen. HEATHER J. CHESNUT was simply attempting to hide the fact that this whole case was

already discharged in the first instance and conspired to hide Judge Brody Keisel’s open and notorious violation of established Public Policy when payment in full was offered. If payment in full is offered, denied and therefore discharged in full, there cannot exist any contempt and any punishment is a violence against Affiant with prejudice and malice and further attempt by Judge Brody Keisel, to force association in rebellion of U.S. Public Policy, in turn label Affiant as a sovereign citizen and place Affiant on death row to be executed in traffic stop by police assassins, and 

18.) Affiant attained the certified copy of the Order to Dismiss that creates a profile of affiant that is consistent with the teaching of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a radical left wing hate group who started their own cause based on the practice of cannibalism under Hinduism.  SPLC alleged the men were making claims of “sovereign citizenship” which was found to be false at a later date, and

 19.) Affiant states that it is a known fact that Southern Poverty Law Center has infiltrated law enforcement centers throughout the country. Southern Poverty Law Center uses training videos and slides to train agents to use extreme prejudice on anyone attempting to assert their rights or follow the Law of nations, and tagging them with the term “sovereign citizen” to turn local and state police into political assassins. Most of the whistle blowers are simply attempting to expose a fraud being committed by the Bank of New York Mellon and their functionaries, and   

20: The term sovereign citizen is a term used as a vehicle to justify murder and therefore to profile a person a sovereign citizen is hereby attempted murder because each individual knows that an overwhelming force will be brought against those profiled with the term “sovereign citizen” during a traffic stop, with guns drawn and ready to kill, and

21: Most if not all people profiled as a “sovereign citizen “live in constant danger because anytime the profiled individual comes in contact with any police officer could turn into murder on the part of the police officer against the profiled “sovereign citizen”, and  

22: The affiant does not believe that the lower pay grades within the U.S. Department of Justice (Homeland Security) (DOJ) are completely at fault when it comes to attempted murder since the fact is that the DOJ praises the work of Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and works together with SPLC that is funded by George Soros. Southern Poverty Law Center has close ties to the Bank of New York Mellon, and  

23: The Affiant hereby states for the record that the affiant believes that HEATHER J. CHESNUT is attempting to murder the affiant on behalf of the Affiants ex-wife, Judge Brody Keisel and all other defendants within the federal law suit in an effort to keep the Affiant quiet and protect the public image of the Bank of New York Mellon and the federal reserve bank, and  

The Affiant also believes that the U.S. Department of Justice is fully aware of the term “sovereign citizen” because the U.S. Department of Justice changed its position when confronted with the attempted murder created by the term “sovereign citizen” to “the individual identified him or herself as a “sovereign citizen” within a week of the newspaper article addressing the issue back in 2016, and  

The Affiant believes that the U.S. Department of Justice is systematically targeting and murdering U.S. citizens and other persons that stand up for their own human rights to hide the failure of the U.S. Department of Justice to uphold human rights and to hide that the U.S.

Department of Justice is systematically targeting U.S. citizens and other person for murder on behalf of the Bank of New York Mellon, and  

24: The Affiant believes that the term “sovereign citizen” hides the fact that the officer profiling with that term is judge, jury and executioner and due to the violent nature of the term “sovereign citizen” hides the massive due process violations and puts a quick end to a perceived “problem” for the private central bank known as the Bank of New York Mellon, and

25) The Affiant hereby publishes the accusation of attempted murder of the Affiant against  Governor Gary Herbert, Attorney General Sean Reyes, Judge Brody Keisel, Holly Ramsey, Judge David Nuffer, HEATHER J. CHESNUT, Judge Paul Kohler and Marie Talbot, and

The Affiant further sayeth naught

International Public Notice: 

All of the accused knew about the payment in full offer and everyone of them ignored the fact the case was already discharged. All of the accused maneuvered the case, over a two year period from contempt of court to claiming that Affiant was claiming no jurisdiction and targeted Affiant with a assassination term known as “Sovereign citizen” because the federal reserve murders any competition they can using the courts and the Police unions. After the murder, the police officer can claim workmans comp. for injury to their mental state of mind known as PTSD and will get 30 thousand a year for the rest of their life from workmans comp. That is called a political assassin done under the Commander in Chiefs flag of the United States. 

The Public Policy is here: LINK

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 



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