Fire everyone in every court in the country and start over!




The Government of The United States of America has more evidence then needed to prove the following: 

1: All courts in the country under the control of the commander in chief whether it is local, state or federal are the most corrupt organizations anyone has ever seen in the history of courts. 

2: All detention centers and court houses are owned by the judges. 

3: Evidence is hidden on a daily basis. 

4:  Bonds in cases are bought and sold on the stock market on a daily basis wherein the courts are beholding to the investors. 

5: All courts are used for political purposes. 

6: All due process is ignored everyday. 

7: All court officers are on the take no matter how anyone slices it and they all need to be shut down, every court officer fired and sent home, every case where prisoners are being held need to be reviewed and in the cases of non-violent offenders, sent home. 

All retired military officers and non-commissioned officers can run the courts under the rules of occupation until permanent replacements can be found.

A complete overhaul of all organizations claiming to be judicial in nature need to be reviewed and shut down if found to be doing something other than judicial activity.  

It is to a point now where it does not matter if someone is trained in judicial proceedings because those that are so-called trained are so corrupt, a law student in law school for 3 months can do a better job. A local store keeper can do a better job and we think people today would trust the local hair salon to run a court more honestly then what is in the court rooms today. 

The blatant corruption has been going on for a better part of the last 50 years and it is time to scrap all of it and start over. The court houses need to be cleaned, all retirement needs to be cut off, even from those that served as judges, and use that money to revamp and restore the whole judicial system from the bottom up. 

It is so bad, that we do not have time to put those that corrupted it in jail because it would take 10 years just to prosecute them, it is faster to send them home and make sure they never work in the law profession again for the rest of their life. 

The funny part of all of this is that the people in the judicial system can run it honestly, however they all,  whether good or bad have decided to either run it in corruption or allow it to run in corruption their whole careers. That means all are complicit with the corruption and all of it is done on purpose every single day. There are no good or bad guys when the so-called good guys let the bad guys get away with the corruption so you are all bad. 

The Government of The United States of America receives ex-cops that saw the corruption and had to leave because it was so bad. Now imagine this, a man or woman leaves the police force and court system because there are so many crimes being committed on a daily basis. The people that are hired to stop crime are committing most of the crimes in the country. When this kind of condition occurs, it is time to scrap the whole thing and start over. 

To the International Community: 

Don’t believe one judgment was rendered with due process, not one honest court proceeding is going on today, nothing coming out of the U.S. no matter if local, state or federal so called judicial document has one shred of honesty attached to it. Do not invest in one bond being sold by a Municipality, it is all fraud from start to finish and the International record everyone is reading is completely false. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.