More lies by Anna Von Reitz and once again published by her cohort Paul Stramer without any fact checking!



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So here we go again, same people telling the same lie over and over hoping it will eventually become the truth. Adolf Hitler did the same thing.

Quote by Anna: The wage of fraud is confusion.

Let’s straighten out everyone’s thinking right here and now.

No actual government can be incorporated.

Answer: True, no government can be incorporated.

Quote by Anna: The reason for this is that the moment you incorporate anything, a charter is issued by another, different sovereign entity—thereby subjecting it to the authority of the other sovereign.

Answer: True

Quote by Anna: Scotland can’t issue a charter for the actual government of America. At most, the nasty vermin can infringe on our international copyright and create a commercial corporation doppelganger. Which is precisely what they did in 1868 and what they are trying to do now.

Answer: No one can prove or deny what is quoted here because there are no links to the documents as evidence against Scotland,. so the claim falls under hearsay. The above quote without evidence gives Scotland a right to sue for international tort which costs about 300 million per tort.

Quote by Anna: And as for Keith Livingway and T-Roh they are trying to capitalize on the original Scottish fraud of 1868, trying to say that they bought an interest in that defunct Scottish commercial corporation and therefore now own America.

Answer: Keith Livingway and THE T-ROH SHOW never made any such claim or claims as stated in the above quote. That means that the quote is a lie and falls under false propaganda.

Quote by Anna: Good luck with that bull crap.

Answer: It would be bullcrap if the quote were true, but its not.

Quote by Anna: “The United States of America, Incorporated” created in 1868 in Scotland was chartered by the Scottish Government, not the American Government.

Answer: Where is the link to the documents proving the above quote?, and once again falls under hearsay and opens this country up to a legal tort coming from Scotland.

Quote by Anna: And this defunct Scottish entity owes us a helluva lot of money. It’s just a matter of how hard we want to press the issue of their fraud at this late date. Bank of Scotland, do you hear me? BIS?

Answer: The above quote is stated as if the previous quote were true and falls under a mere assumption that the one that made the quote is not making a false claim. The diversion tactic of writing “BIS” as if that is the entity responsible is for the purpose of re-directing your power away from the liar. In other words, its a Ghost Claim!

Quote by Anna: As you can see, it isn’t even possible for any entity incorporated by any other government to be our government.

Answer: In reality, there is no government claiming to be Anna’s government because the Government of The United States of America denied Anna’s resident declaration LINK! because of her blood oath to a foreign Monarch:LINK! which recently advocates for the RFID Chip Implantation of everyone: LINK!

Quote by Anna: And it is the same way for the “United States of America” Inc. chartered by the Roman Catholic Church in Delaware in 1925. That entity is subject to Delaware, which is obviously not able to act as “the” government of this country.

Answer: Once again no links to any documents proving the quote and now gives the Roman Catholic Church the right to claim tort against this country. In reality, Anna is helping Scotland and the Roman Catholic Church as anyone with a blood oath would do for her foreign Monarch by giving them legal standing for international tort by making claims against them that have not been proven.

Quote by Anna: There is one and only one lawful government of this country still standing in international jurisdiction, and that is The United States of America [Unincorporated] and the member States —- Wisconsin, Kentucky, Maine, Texas, and so on.

Answer: The above quote is correct except the States names which would be another lie. The problem Anna is having personally is her blood oath to a foreign Monarch which disqualifies her to enter into the States of the Union through the Government of The United States of America. She has to do a document called a “Defection” document, however it is unclear as to whether defection absolves her of a blood oath. Further, as stated above, Anna cannot enter into The United States of America because there is no evidence that the blood oath has been released against her person. To allow Anna to enter The United States of America may possibly cause her death because a blood oath broken is a death sentence.

Quote by Anna: The Universal Postal Union knows that it has contracts with the unincorporated version so none of the idiocy being promoted by Keith Livingway and “T-Roh” will be honored.

A incorporated entity acting “as” a government is not a government.

Answer: In reality that Treaty agreement was dissolved because of the defect in the entities and the fact that a two year law student signed the treaty on behalf of Lewis Cass Peyseur. The same Lewis Cass Peyseur that created the chameleon paper that the federal reserve note is printed on today. Source: Pandora’s Box by Alex Christopher. This was sent to the UPU in 2012 and two years later, the Government of The United States of America dissolved the Treaty LINK!. That is the real reason why the UPU is not talking to the Government of The United States of America. We told them to take a hike.

Quote by Anna: Because the fraud artists created all these deceptively named incorporated entities in foreign countries there is a lot of confusion. Most recently we have had to deal with “The Republic of the United States of America” (France) and “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” (Scotland— again!)

Answer: Where are the links, there is no proof of this action taken and where is the authority of a foreign subject of a foreign Monarch have the right to speak of behalf of America or the real The United States of America without being a party to it?

Quote by Anna: But all these incorporated impostors are not our government and can’t be our government. They are merely identity thieves trying to get a governmental services contract by a process of “assumption” long after we have told all of them, including Keith Livingway’s group, thanks, but no thanks.

Answer: First, Keith Livingway does not have a group. Second, an impostor is one that claims to be a part of something where a blood oath proves something different.

Quote by Anna: All this fraud has to end.

Answer: Exactly, when is Anna going to stop all of this fraud she has been claiming under a foreign Monarch?

Quote by Anna: Apparently, some officers in the military thought that because there was a “Grand Army of the Republic” that there had to be “a” Republic, but in fact, the lawful government of our country in international jurisdiction is now and has always been a Federation of States (not a Confederation of States of States) operated in tandem with state Republics—- fifty of them.

Answer: The above quote is parroting Adam Weishaupt”s theory and plan on how the country should be setup in clear violation of the Law of Nations.

Quote by Anna: So, please, everyone, get your heads clear on the subject of sovereignty and subjection. Incorporated entities are always 100% of the time subject to a sovereign entity. I think all Americans can agree on the fact that our government is not now and never has been chartered by Scotland or France.

Answer: The Government of The United States of America has never claimed to be incorporated and has always maintained that it came from the 1774 original Union, the original General Post Office of 1775, the 1781 Articles of Confederation, as amended August 5th 2015 and brought forward to the present time. No one bought anything at any auction, no one invested anything but the sweat of their brow. Everything that has been done was accomplished by simple hard work to the tune of 15 to 18 hours per day which put a strain on many marriages and families and further placed many lives in danger.

Quote by Anna: Let’s bring all this confusion to a halt and end all the fraud as well.

Answer: The only one causing confusion is Anna Von Reitz with her cohort Paul Stramer. Neither has ever stayed on the same path nor have they ever accomplished anything throughout their existence as a internet presence. They have both mastered the art of the same lie over and over in hopes that one day everyone will believe it just like their masters do, Adam Weishaupt and Pope Francis.