George Washington University offers a program to create political assassins on behalf of the Communist Party!




A particular name came up this morning that is connected to George Washington University. That name is JJ MacNab and can be found here. Link! and this is her twitter Bio: Writer, anti-government extremism at . UC Berkeley alumna. Fellow, George Washington University’s Program on Extremism. Cats are badass. Link!

However, the Freedom Outpost has connected JJ MacNab to Southern Poverty Law Center that has been widely discredited and A.N.T.I.F.A. a well known “domestic terrorist” group that has proven itself to be an actual domestic terrorist group over and over in the past and present. Link!

Here are some other connections: A.N.T.I.F.A. has been directly connected to National Lawyers Guild and Southern Poverty Law Center ANTIFA MANUAL Found on the campus of The Evergreen State College! Link!

The National Lawyers Guild has been declared the “Legal Bulwark of the Communists Party: Link!

That means that George Washington University, a Masonic Temple built by the Masons, is connected to all of the above groups and organizations and it appears that JJ MacNab is in the middle of the whole operation. What operation? Creating profiles on ordinary people in an effort to assassinate their character thereby taking the most extreme criminals and associating them with ordinary people that the Communist Party believes are political threats: Link!

The Government of The United States of America has witnessed on a weekly basis the real criminals that attempt to use the States of the Union as a safe haven for their criminal activity. However, it appears that simply providing protection of self defense can also be criminalized in the eyes of the ideology of the communist and socialist belief.

Many of these communists take one statement out of an International Arrest Warrant and twist it into violence: “and in the case of violent resistance, use deadly force” which is intended to protect those enforcing the Arrest Warrant with right of self defense. The communists like to reverse that statement into a narrative that appears as if the International Arrest Warrant is somehow an act of violence or makes the one that signed it a violent domestic terrorist. There is one thing for sure, members of the communist movement do not like to take liability for their actions which is a sign of immaturity. Link!

The George Washington University has a whole program aimed at what they call extremism when in fact it is a program that turns ordinary police officers into political assassins on behalf of the communist party. Please notice that they do have a list of people issued by the communist party front spokes person JJ MacNab
from 2000 to 2018 under the title “Seditionists”

The irony is that George Washington University has no business involving itself in political matters for the communists or is it in fact a communist University?, nor do communists have any business calling someone that loves their country a Seditionist, we call that self projection. This means that the Communist Party is at war with anyone that is not a communist and have created a international narrative thereby calling anyone that is not a communist a seditionist and a domestic terrorist all with the blessing and funding of George Washington University, a Mason funded University. The Communist Party, through its front organizations scare the crap out of the local police thereby turning them into political assassins on behalf of the Communist Party. The Communist Party has cunningly converted the Law of Nations and its basic principals into appearing as if the exerciser of those basic principals is committing sedition when in fact they are following the law of the country which is the law of nations. Communists do not like people that follow the law of the country and deem those people an enemy if they do not adhere to the concept of a World Communist Government.

“(40) The term “world communism” means a revolutionary movement, the purpose of which is to establish eventually a Communist totalitarian dictatorship in any or all the countries of the world through the medium of an internationally coordinated Communist political movement.” Link!