Why are so many people in jail in America? Part 3


Published on 09-26-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


The Human Rights Defenders International have been hard at work investigating these sovereign citizen claims around the country.

One such claim is sponsored by a private company called: “Star and Shield Insurance”. It produces the following video:


Taking a closer look at the sponsors of the video reveals a fascinating web. Please keep in mind that most people claiming that the law does not apply to them is a misnomer. They are saying that the law of private membership associations do not apply to them and see the states themselves writing their own private laws in the name of their States and attempting to enforce it upon them. The little private organizations writing laws of their private companies and using the State to enforce those laws upon non-members of the public would in fact be a legitimate complaint. 

How many people know that the DMV’S are private membership associations claiming the power of a state to enforce their collections? Not many…

The Star and Shield Insurance unincorporated group suffered a ethics complaint on February 28th, 2011. The Florida Attorney General was quick to come to its defense. LINK

There was one particular part of the newspaper article wherein it read: “Hadley concluded that there is no evidence that Eslinger’s duties with the insurance company affect his public responsibilities as sheriff.”

Well, that is not exactly true because Eslinger withheld and the Attorney General withheld a piece of evidence that would in fact made the ethics compliant very validLINK

It mentions:

Donald Francis Eslinger
Sherriff, Seminole County
Lake Mary, Florida
Under management and control of the private group.

When the insurance commissioner Kevin M. McCarty

Office of Insurance Regulation performed the company examination, he changed the name to: “Reciprocal” which hides that the Seminole County Sheriff was in fact directly involved with the company. 
Hereinafter referred to as the “Reciprocal”.

Most of the people labeled “sovereign citizens” are not afraid of people in office doing something that they should not be doing. So their lives are threatened by the vary people that are supposed to be protecting them.
To the General Public:
Imagine how it would feel that if you knew a law enforcement officer was doing something they were not supposed to be doing, illegal or otherwise and now those vary same people that you trust and respect threaten your life and the life of your family.

Second: Imagine that those same people convince your family to turn against you and call you crazy and violent. Further, imagine that being arrested for something that you have never been charged with and treated as if you are violent and a threat.

Third: Imagine that those same people attempt to push you to violence so they can have an excuse to murder you and smear your name in the newspaper as being a violent sovereign citizen domestic terrorist.

Does this sound like what the communists do is attack you and then claim you attacked them?
It appears that the insurance companies are the people behind the sovereign citizen accusations which happen to run the country. They did manage to insure to themselves forced business because you go to jail if you don’t get insurance and it appears as if the local law enforcement wanted a piece of the profits for services rendered to the insurance companies. 

It appears that Eslinger is playing the game like everyone else based on the rules handed to him. He gets tired of risking his life to fill the pockets of others so he decided to go along to get along. Can you blame the man, he is human like everyone else?

White Mountains Insurance Group Limited in Burmuda bought Stars and Shield Insurance in 2013, so now it is offshore and can avoid anymore of those pesky ethics issues.  LINK
Good Luck suing that insurance company for any valid claims if it wants to deny those claims to those same officers that offer their full faith to their superiors.

Take a quick look at the endorsements and support section of the website.

Can anyone say “conflict of interest”: using a public office for private gain,
1: “Tax Evasion”: Offshore company,
2: “Anti-government”: does not want to support the United States Government
3: “Does not believe that the United States Government has jurisdiction over them”: Protected by the Attorney General
4: “Does not believe that the laws apply to them” Never gets a ticket for speeding or anything else,
5: “Violent towards others”: Shoots and kills people for not following commands,
6: “Pain Compliance” for not going along with the money scam.  LINK
Judge Joe Brown says it best:

This article in no way is defending real criminals that use the information and ideology that sovereign citizens use to break the law. However, it appears that the corruption has spawned a movement of people that are tired of being forced to be complicit with scams and schemes perpetrated by the communists in the states.

Further, since the Muslim Brotherhood runs the F.B.I. They are doing their best to start a revolution: LINK

Since the Muslim Brotherhood and the Communists are working together to subvert the principals of the country as a whole, the next generation does not have a chance because this generation is so easily deceived and very gullible.