Update: American National, Richard Rexford Reinheimer vs. citizens of the State of Maryland




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This is an update for the International Community on this particular case to let the Community know that the Government of The United States of America did in fact send a letter to attempt to calm the State of Maryland before the Human Rights Defenders report was released and sent by Notarial Presentment. The following is the wording of that letter and a certified copy: CERTIFIED COPY LINK

Dear Carrie Ward:

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas Goudey. I hold the elected office of Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America. I do not seek your personal acknowledgment of the office I hold. There are many situations in this world that people do not understand and tend to react violently to conditions they do not understand. However, the office is real and many people with a higher pay grade do acknowledge the office I hold from all around the world.

This office received a copy of the Memorandum in Support of Motion to Show Cause, Motions for Sanctions, and Motion to Dismiss on May 1st, 2015 (Memorandum).

Based on how the “Memorandum in Support of Motion to Show Cause, Motion for Sanctions, and Motion to Dismiss”, was written, you have met Richard Reinheimer. Richard Reinheimer is a unique character.

Richard Reinheimer came to our National Human Rights Tribunal at the end of January claiming all sorts of torts and many claims of fraud much, of the same that was written in your Memorandum accusing Richard Reinheimer of fraud etc….

However, Richard Reinheimer neglected to disclose just how many off the wall remedies he and friends had already filed in the case.

That being said, our Human Rights Defenders team can tell you and others exactly where each and every process came from and the history of the individual that created the process. Example: The “vessel” claim in Admiralty came from David Wynn Miller. The secured party creditor junk came from this theory that there is a lot of money in an account that was originally started with the birth certificate etc… A group called redemptiion by method perpetuated this myth for quite a long time.

The Human Rights Defenders have read the Memorandum and have noticed that it could be used as evidence to free Richard Reinheimer. However, this letter is meant to address the obvious. We are going to set all laws aside for now and speak through this letter, peacefully.

It is extremely obvious that you personally have the utmost disdain, hatred, and prejudice towards Richard Reinheimer (Richard). It appears that no matter what, Richard has caused so much hatred from others that it is too a point where no matter what happens to him, as long as he is feeling pain and suffering, it is a good thing in the eyes of the people that hate him. It also appears that breaking up his family is deserved in the eyes of the people that hate him.

This means that no matter what, Richard cannot receive any kind of fair trial in the State of Maryland. I am not saying that Richard is right or wrong, I am not saying the State of Maryland is right or wrong. I am saying that all law is out the window when it comes to Richard and the State of Maryland. The employees of the State of Maryland let Richard get into their heads of all that came in contact with him. It is very obvious in the Memorandum. You wrote thirteen pages of “up yours” towards Richard and his family which means you have lost all objectivity towards this case.

I do not expect you to care about this next statement, Richards wife is in hiding and looking over her shoulder everywhere she goes fully expecting to be killed by the State of Maryland. That is a sad state of affairs. One of the people living in the State of Maryland is afraid that the State of Maryland is going to kill them. Can you see how out of control this whole situation has become? Both parties have allowed this sad state of affairs to occur,everyone involved is at fault.

The State of Maryland has achieved one thing for sure. The State of Maryland has shown that no one messes with the State of Maryland. It has brought the hand of God down on a family and has achieved putting the fear of God into them. It has shown it has the power to break up a family by throwing the husband in jail, scaring the wife and children into hiding, and has achieved full dominance and dictatorial control.

Both parties believe that the other is involved in fraud and neither can prove to each other anything to the contrary. Much like the current Baltimore case all over the internet, it is a no win situation for the State of Maryland.
Orders have been written to release Richard so he and his family can leave the State of Maryland and start over somewhere else in an effort to make peace.

However, Richard is not being punished, this is revenge for all the turmoil he caused each and every one of you.

The American Nationals understand the frustration and outright anger towards Richard and his family. However, this situation is now out of control and without any sense of law or humanity. It is now simply pure violence on both sides.

This Government is not asking for anyone to do anything on Richard’s behalf because it knows that any request will fall on deaf ears. However, this Government was trying to take Richard off the State of Maryland’s hands and liability to make peace. Not to show dominance. Everyone knows that dominance will only work in the first instance. In the long term, dominance achieves nothing but destruction and chaos.

If you, Carrie, can muster some empathy for Richard and possibly see things from his point of view like he began to show empathy in March for you and others after working with him for a while, then maybe we can abate this revenge and violence and work something out that is agreeable for both parties.

Ignoring this letter and my office does not mean it is not recognized. It is too late, other states have already recognized it and so have many other countries. We do not need to play the non-recognition game. It will only hurt the situation and cause more violence by two parties that are clearly out of control. This office has automatic power of attorney for American Nationals when they are in the condition that Richard Reinheimer finds himself in at the moment.

Kind Regards,

Tom Goudey, 

Office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America


The Human Rights Defenders are finding little pockets of cabal members all over the country. Some state and local governments cooperate with the Government of The United States of America with no issues whatsoever. As a matter of fact, The United States of America just sent 1, 850, 000,000.00 billion Continental Dollars for disaster relief about three days ago to the State of Texas. The offer is debt free, tax free, interest free and expires in two years. The offer does not interfere with the sovereignty, dignity, nor independence of the State of Texas.

However, the Government of The United States of America is witnessing a country deeply divided because of the outside influence of the cabal from Manhattan Island and their constant illegal activity in many little pockets, mainly on the local level. Most of the States as a whole do not necessarily follow the cabal and basically roll their eyes in disgust over their activities.

The main problem is the lack of funds which is a point of agitation that the cabal is taking advantage of at the moment. The Government of The United States of America can resolve that issue in a very unique way, the same way the offer was made to the State of Texas.  The offer is legal in all aspects of its implementation and does not take advantage of the independence of the recipient. The law of nations is adhered to in all aspects of the offer.

Once again the Government of The United States of America is extending its gratitude to the International Community for its support.

Kind Regards,

Tom Goudey,

office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America.