MMS ON TRIAL-This publishing did not receive a whole lot of attention!


Published on 01-09-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

Hello Readers:

The newspaper has an interesting case to report about and a few updates on earlier stories.

First: MMS ON TRIAL: LINK to video and LINK to website. Notice: This is not a solicitation for donations by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST to any defense fund. However, this is a copy of the Petition-Part One by the United States, in Congress assembled that links to the MMS ON TRIAL story.  LINK TO PETITION.

By reading the petition, most would never link the two stories unless you know about this group:

The Club of Bologna 

The Club of Bologna has its beginnings back to 300 BC, and the city goes as far back as 1000 BC: LINK
although it claims to have started back in 1989, however it tells on itself in the  last paragraph of of its mission statement as to how much influence it really has that cannot be obtained in 26 years of existence.  The Club of Bologna is connected to Monsanto and the genetically modified food that most of us eat in America.

The Petition is addressing the constant simulation of the second coming of Christ and the existence of an anti-Christ. With the taking over of the food supply, energy supply, and everything else being owned by a few, simulates the coming of an anti-Christ. Revelations is being used against the people in America on a mass scale. A simulation of an anti-Christ makes people believe that what is happening is Gods will and prophecy being fulfilled, so therefore, no one questions the monopoly and its existence.  However, when we take a peek behind the curtain, the scene is a whole lot different and the truth comes out. The information is in the petition-part one.

Here is an update in the Eric Garner Case which explains why there was no indictment:


The District Attorney Who Failed to Secure an Indictment Against Eric Garner’s Killer May Be Running for Congress