The Biden and Harris families are hereby held personally responsible for hijacking the southern border!


Published by the NANP NEWS on 05-30-2022

For with a fake President of the United States hijacked by the Biden family and a fake Vice President of the United States hijacked by the Harris family, of course the southern border is going to be vulnerable to neglect. 

Private companies known as the DEMS and the GOP have hijacked the southern border to bring in voters and un-reportable labor to raise the value of stocks in the stock market that ALL politicians have invested. 

It is obvious that neither party really care about their own laws they pass nor about anyone else other than their own welfare. 

Since millions are coming across the border illegally, the Biden and Harris family are charged with their care while occupying the office they purportedly were voted into last election. 

The Biden and Harris families are personally responsible for the illegals care, behavior, economic status, and everything else that goes with trafficking human beings. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America on 05-30-2022