In the matter of Natural Law!


PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 01-02-2022


Please look further than what many are told natural law is in the world. Many of the New Agers and others have hijacked the meaning of Natural law as in dealing with naturally made things, organic, use naturally made products, stop using deodorant, stop shaving, etc……

The meaning has also been hijacked to mean living beings at one with the universe, no fictions which means no free speech, we are all gods etc….

Natural law as stated below is the law between men, women, counties, States and countries. One example, as delivered by Yahushua, Yeshua, Jesus is one of the two laws of Yahweh: Under the new covenant and with agape love: ; Love thy Neighbor as thyself”.  A perfect example of natural law. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America

Law of Nations: VI. Natural law comprises rules of conduct based on the nature of
things, and in particular on the nature of man. We get to know it
through reason. This faculty of the soul reveals to us the agreement or
disagreement which exists between free actions and the nature of things
and man in particular. Moreover, it demonstrates that if we want to act
as rational beings, we must scrutinize carefully these different relationships
that actions have with the nature of things, and above all with the
nature of man—relations between good and evil, and the good and the
bad. Reason teaches us that we are under obligation to practice the former
and avoid the latter. Finally, we cannot doubt that in so acting we
are fulfilling the will of the Creator, who has imposed the rule of law
on us by the same means that he has established the world as it is.