DAVID EDWARDS of Facebook group, PMA-Power You Didn’t Know You Have accused of theft, fraud etc….

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 12-15-2021


David Edwards runs this group on facebook called “PMA-Power You Didn’t Know You Have” and has spread out his deceptions among many others that he so-called trained. 

The reality folks is that David Edwards stole his information or the idea behind his information from the computer of Graham Bradford Lascsak, trustee while Graham was away.  The paperwork was under a non-disclosure. 

David Edwards claims that he has been selling PMA’s since 2007 and also claims to be in law for 30 years. The reality is that David Edwards has been selling PMA’s since 2018 and he is an ex-cop and has nothing to do with law itself. 

We have heard nothing but complaints about the paperwork coming from David Edwards because he simply has no idea what he is doing. Once again we have another thief in it for the money, go figure…….

David Edwards is committing consumer fraud because he is lying about his background and experience with law itself and how long he has been studying in the field of private membership associations thereby using stolen information and doing things with that information that are illegal. 

This website is believed to be associated with David Edwards that is selling family PMA’s, something that David Edwards said he would never do back in 2018 wherein he lied about how long he has been selling PMA’s. 

“https://sourcepma.com/ this is apparently connected to David and they seem to be claiming 40 years of experience. In the video she boldly explains the constitution gave them the right to do pma’s. and they are selling organizations and clubs now too. Davids facebook group has 4.5k members now and a couple people seem to be having serious problems. One of them is facing 22 counts per day @2.5 years for each student in their pea school (but they say don’t use the word school-ya know cause that would consent jurisdiction to the school board(lol))”

A PEA folks is not a private membership association. It is a Private Education Association that is regulated by the State. In other words, it is a private school regulated by the State School Boards. Go and look it up and these so-called trained inhabitants have no clue what they are doing and saying when it comes to PMA’s or PEA’s. 

This is the affidavit if you want to know a whole lot more about David Edwards and what kind of man he really is and not what he claims. He has a history of theft and fraud.  

Mr. David Edwards, you are invited to rebut this affidavit within the next 10 days otherwise it stands as truth. You, David Edwards, have been served by International Public Notice: LINK

Published by Graham Bradford Lascsak, trustee 12-15-2021