James Clinton Belcher and Anna Maria Riezinger are still committing consumer fraud!

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 11-01-2021


James Clinton Belcher and Anna Maria Riezinger are still committing consumer fraud!

Besides the fact that James Clint Belcher, a sex offender, signs everything with an alias “James Clinton Belcher” which makes everything he signs a fake and with no authority whatsoever is now trying to impound Paypal and the Internal Revenue Service.  Paypal must have been noticed that Anna Von Reitz, who claims to be a Judge and or Justice, is a fake claim and a lie wherein Anna Von Reitz collects money under that title and is therefore committing consumer fraud. 

Further, Anna Von Reitz also known as Anna Von Riezinger. she likes to change names when it suits her, hereby claims she and her comrade James Clint Belcher (hereinafter: “James”) owns the country which makes their so-called Federation of States (not recognized publicly) a private organization that Anna Von Reitz calls “The United States of America (unincorporated)”. 

Henry Kissinger has these two so twisted up in their heads that it is obvious that they are both operating under pure ego thereby making them believe that Anna Von Reitz and James have some kind of authority to impound the Internal Revenue Service and Paypal. Does anyone notice that Paypal and the Internal Revenue Service never had a trial, no due process, and are being threatened under complete dictatorial process and none of their followers protest against the totalitarianism? That is the definition of a cult. Anna Von Reitz nor James have never followed any kind of due process and continue to show contempt for due process. We are sure the inhabitants want this so-called Federation of States in charge when its leaders operate in domestic and international terrorism instead of by the law while claiming they are the real deal and everyone else is a fraud. You will know them by their fruits. LINK

Henry Kissinger has these two, Anna Von Reitz and James defrauding the Public into believing they have something to do with The United States of America and are in fact being used as pawns in a very sick game in an effort to place the New World Order in this country. It is all in their paperwork and so-called processes. Patriot garbage…..

Now James is following some advice from the late David Wynn Miller by signing a stamp diagonally and poof, magically James is a Post Master. 

Both Anna Von Reitz and James have defrauded the inhabitants by claiming they had unelected people, claim they represent the States of the Union, or each State in some kind of magical roll call thereby putting the country back together doing business as The United States of America, when if fact that is in no where close on how to form a State let alone a whole union of states.

Now we know why Anna Von Reitz and James never get arrested for using the Great Seal of the United States is because they are being handled by one Henry Kissinger, the man that is one of the leaders of the deep state and one of the main players in establishing the New World Order. It further makes sense as to why all paperwork coming from Anna Von Reitz and James are not completed and violate every form of International Law. It further explains why they both lashed out so quickly against Paypal and the Internal Revenue Service; first it shows everyone that Anna Von Reitz paperwork does not work and that she is still a U.S. citizen and so is James.  Neither had any intention of leaving the U.S. otherwise why have a Paypal account in your own name and this scam they have been perpetrating is a good money maker designed to further weaken the inhabitants that do not want the New World Order. 

If you have donated money to Anna Von Reitz you need to contact the Attorney General of the State of Alaska and file a consumer fraud complaint against Anna Von Reitz and James as soon as possible because both are defrauding you.  LINK

As everyone can see above, James is a Sex Offender and it shows in his background check that he has not renewed his sex offender registration wherein we suspect that the reason for avoiding the renewal is because James is hiding the location of Anna Von Reitz. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America