Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger Von Reitzenstein Von Lettow-Vorbeck, the fraud and the liar that claims to be a Supreme Court Justice, a Judge or a part of the Postal District Court is now going around trying to tell on the Government of The United States of America!

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 06-30-2021


Has anyone ever noticed that Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger Von Reitzenstein Von Lettow-Vorbeck (hereinafter: “Anna”) never attempts to place anything Anna writes in an affidavit? 

Here is the Anna next load of lies, nothing under penalty of perjury or anything like that and now tries to get the U.S. Treasury to round us up, the same U.S. Treasury Anna has been calling a fraud for years. Anna has no loyalty for this country, Anna’s loyalty is to Anna. 

Anna, sweetheart, you have already burnt international bridges with the organizations that you are addressing. Anna, sweetheart, you do not have possession of the country, you have no international standing, you are a fraud and a liar in National and International commerce thereby committing multiple acts of consumer fraud by claiming to be a judge when you were never a judge, justice nor a part of any judicial branch of any State within the Union. Anna, it is over for you and your unlawful assemblies and mobs. Anna, you have civil judgments against you, convicted of human rights violations, your husband is a convicted rapist and a host of other crimes that you have personally perpetrated.  Further, in order to extract devout followers and your personal piggy banks, you have lied about every international organization in existence or at least have attacked them with zero international standing.

For education purposes for her followers and personal piggy banks of Anna, can anyone point out the lies?

Fraud Alert: “the” Government of The United States of America, etc. Anna is not an official that can issue Fraud Alerts within The United States of America. 

To: The Department of the Treasury
Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20220

From: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary-  Not a fiduciary of the country because she was never elected to any office within The United States of America. 
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

We are again suffering a rash of wannabe incorporated Fraud Artists, a mixed bag of American and European white-collar criminals who are trying to pass themselves off as the American Government and then wanting to access our credit and other assets in precisely the same way that any Identity Thief does this: by semantic deceit, improper acquisition/theft of information, and by impersonation.  No one is trying to access any ones credit and Anna herself works for the Vatican and there is no suffering going on. Everyone laughs or rolls their eyes when Anna opens her mouth anyways. Anna is an international joke. 

Recently, we’ve had “the” Government of The United States of America both infringing upon our Good Name and Trademarks, and pretending to be the Government of this country. These would-be thieves are attempting to follow in the footsteps of the Scottish Interloper, seeking to confuse their foreign incorporated entity with the actual unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. The Government of The United States of America is not a corporation but Anna will never sign an affidavit stating this paragraph because Anna is lying: Here was the announcement of claiming to be a National Government in 2015:

Anna does not have the authority to define anything internationally. In international law and the Law of Nations, the people decide what they are and what they are not. 

Let us point out that neither U.S. Citizens nor Municipal citizens of the United States of America have standing to abuse our Proper Name in any context whatsoever. They have no standing to take any action “for” us regarding our money or our credit or any asset of the land and soil belonging to us.  No one is claiming any ones personal real estate, credit or money, we claimed The United States of America way before Anna came around and she is Johnny come lately.  First in time, first in right. Everyone has a right to come and claim their lot at anytime. 

Let us also point out that we have prior claims that date back to before the Revolution and certainly ever afterward, which have been brought forward, exercised, demonstrated in the form of fifty properly constructed and declared State Assemblies, and evidenced in long-cured Public Notice and Due Process actions, liens, and assignments that are part of the Public Record of multiple State-of-State Recording Offices and the Uniform Commercial Code offices. None of these claims have any standing because all of these claims were already claimed and sitting in a trust, first in time first in right. Two things that Anna and her followers failed to claim wherein they never had any standing anyways even if they claimed it first. 

These would-be Interlopers haven’t got a leg to stand on and we object to their infringement upon our Good Name and our other Trademarks, and we protest their attempts to impersonate us and our lawful American Government. No one infringed on any lawful American Government because we are the lawful American Government. Anna was too late and is still too late. Anna and her husband are still trying to claim to be Monarchs over the country. 

Let it stand before the world that the name of this country acting in international jurisdiction is: The United States of America. That is correct and we have been acting in international jurisdiction a lot longer than Anna and her followers. Over 60% of their information came from this Government and THE T-ROH SHOW and they still steal information from this Government and THE T-ROH SHOW MEANING THEY CLAIM IT CAME FROM THEM WHICH IS NOT TRUE. 

The United States of America is an unincorporated Federation of States, which are also unincorporated. The United States of America is a confederacy which is also known as a federal republic that sits in trust right now because all of Anna’s misinformation is causing a transfer delay by international theft by Anna and her cult followers. Like we said, when Anna’s followers figure out what Anna has done to them, Anna will never be able to show her face again. 

The United States of America is populated by American State Nationals and American State Citizens, not by Territorial U.S. Citizens and not by Municipal citizens of the United States, either.

Any incorporated entity calling itself “the” Government of The United States of America is guilty of fraud, impersonation, attempted identity theft, trademark theft and infringement, attempted unlawful conversion, semantic deceit, and other crimes. The people for The United States of America never incorporated The United States of America nor is the Government of The United States of America incorporated as evidenced on the link and notice above. Anna continues this lie because Anna herself is delivering her followers to the New World Order under a blood oath meaning Anna requires a red ink finger print representing a blood oath. That is called devil worship. 

Any incorporated entity calling itself the United States of North America or The United States of North America is another fraud in the making, and is presumed to be a so-called “Regional Corporation” that is engaged in a debt-bundling scheme against the interests of this country. This is more Anna crap, no links, no evidence anywhere. 

We, the actual Government of, for, and by the people of this country, are in Session and have been in Session at the international level since 1998, and at the State level for the last two years, and the County level is coming into Session as we speak. This is another lie. Anna had to make a claim before 2009 in order to appear legit. The truth is no one ever claimed the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of the country before 2009 dating all the way back to its so-called beginnings. Anna joined up with some other group that was claiming the 1998 claim but their claim is not legit either because they were not a country at the time in accordance with the Law of nations and the Bible. Even if this were true, we would exist in parallel anyways. Anna just needs to go back to her claim of 2015 and stay with the United States and be a citizen of the United States. 

There can be no excuse for any misunderstanding, any claim of mistaken identity, any impersonation of our government, any claim by any incorporated “persons” seeking to represent us, any U.S. Territorial employees seeking to represent us, any Municipal citizens of the United States seeking to represent us, or any foreign Principals claiming to have any custodial interest in us or in our assets, nor any indecent commercial claim against any of our people, their genomes, or any con game seeking to redefine our people as trans-humans and then to assert patent ownership interests in them and their assets.  This paragraph is so messed up and full of lies all we can do is scratch our heads in amazement that Anna’s followers cannot see through this charade created by the liar and fraud that has claimed to be a judge for a long time and no one figured out she was lying.  

We are fed up with the criminality of all these corporations and we wish for them to be liquidated in our favor, with all right, title and interest transferred to our control and all placed under the Public Law.  No one has the authority to do what Anna is asking someone to do in this paragraph even if what Anna is claiming was true. Here is a question, why doesn’t Anna do this if she has formed a so-called real national government? Why is Anna asking a corporation to do her dirty work and fulfill her wishes? We know the answer, it is because Anna is LYING….

We wish for the officers and boards of directors who have engaged in these practices and who have made these false claims and who have pretended to represent us for their advantage, and who have acted under color of law and under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit and criminal Breach of Trust, to be rounded up for trial and punished for these offenses against our country, our American Government, our States, and our people. Good luck with this Anna. There is nothing you can do to stop the Government of The United States of America and its people. The Government of The United States of America is not incorporated and never was you liar.  No amount of scare tactics will work. We have the States of the Union in trust waiting for the people to settle their States and any claims you make is an attempt to steal the country for yourself and the New World Order new ager you work for at this time. Anna, you are a fugitive wanted by the Government of The United States of America, see ya soon you liar, fraud and fake judge. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary-liar and a fraud
The United States of America

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.