Beware of the Robert David Steele freedom tour!

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 04-24-2021


Ex-CIA agent Robert David Steele (hereinafter: “Robert”) says he is going to be going on a freedom tour. That is laughable. Once CIA always CIA. Everyone in this world knows that fact.

To associate the word “freedom” with the CIA is the biggest joke of all mainly because the CIA whole heartedly supports the New World Order, international drug dealing, they support the drug cartels and support slavery in all of its forms. Everyone knows that fact also. 

Of course, Robert will support the Anna Von Reitz effort to create State assemblies because her efforts place people into the New World Order under slavery. 

If people want to join the New World Order supported by the adrenochrome trade, go right ahead, its your soul. However, there is another option that actually and literally creates a new country and Anna and Robert is not it. 

All we can do is warn others. The CIA has no intentions of supporting any form of freedom for anyone. If you are stupid enough to believe Robert, than so be it. Everyone will find out the truth in the end and when it is too late. 

The only way out of Anna’s paperwork is to sue Anna herself for fraud, otherwise you are stuck in the New World Order for the rest of your life and you did it voluntarily. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America