Declaration of the existence of a race war within the United States!

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 04-21-2021


It has been determined that a specific type of race war within the United States exists.

1: The Black race is consistently attacking the Asians and the White race with impunity for the last couple of years.

2: Black gangs have been attacking white people all over the country without provocation.

3: In the last year the Black people have been attacking the Asians without provocation.

4: The black women were the main race of people that committed voter fraud in the 2020 election and also attack white people randomly all over the country. 

5: The black women have been attacking the white race more than the Asians for the past couple of years.

6: The courts have been complicit with the hate crimes since they have started thereby prejudicing White people specifically and the prosecutors are further complicit with these hate crimes.  

7: Black people are specifically targeting white children for murder. 

8: The CEO’s of Twitter and Facebook along with the media conspire to hide these facts from the general public. 

9: The police are being targeted, specifically white men and being setup to fail for the following reason. 

A: CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) SPLC (southern poverty law center)and many other communist organizations are conspiring to take over all police forces and enforce sharia law. There are many black men and pedophiles that have joined with Islam already with the promise of sharing power with Islam; when in fact the black people will be sold like cattle once Islam takes a foot hold in the country as a whole. Even today, Islam sells black people in Africa everyday of the week. Islam always kills all traitors to their country without exception once the country has been conquered. Islam killed the regime in Egypt with the help of facebook when Islam took over.  

Recommendations for the White and Asian people: 

1: Arm your persons. DO not concern yourself with permits and conceal carry communist propaganda. Conceal carry and permits are the ways of the communists that have allied with Islam against America. Protecting yourself from random attacks coming from a particular race of people is not racist nor a hate crime if the attacks are occurring and if that race is attacking you because of the color of your skin.  

2: DO not trust the courts, the prosecutors nor Black people. Remain vigilant because no one ever knows when an attack will be implemented. There have been white men changing tires on their cars and are shot by a black man that just so happens to be walking by the car. These hate crimes are completely random and go without being prosecuted as hate crimes.

Here is another example:

Man shot to death after defending elderly person in Broward County

NYPD Hate Crimes Unit Investigating Random Attacks on White People

Riverside gang bust leads to arrests in murder of mechanic 

White men are being specifically targeted because of their race and removed from high paying jobs even though they have a human right to work. 

This newspaper knows that it will be attacked for this article and plastered as a racist newspaper. At this point, all are past caring about the names like racist, prejudice, white privilege, cracker, or any other arbitrary name. Politically profiting from those terms have run its course. The real enemy has yet to be revealed that are trying to divide and conquer this country.  

Notice to the Police in all parts of the country:

1: White police officers. Do not go into predominantly black neighborhoods. You are being politically setup to be placed in jail. Stop trying to fix the situation, you can’t fix something you had nothing to do with starting. Stay out of those neighborhoods no matter how many times you are called. No one is going to blame you for not wanting to go into those neighborhoods. If you have to go through the neighborhood, do not stop no matter what is going on, that way you cannot be fired for not responding. Your life and career depends on it.  

2: Do not tolerate BLM or ANTIFA protestors throwing objects at you or destroying shops and businesses. If you are prosecuted for excessive force, please contact our War Crimes Tribunal so it can prosecute those that are advocating for a race war and attacking civilians (war crimes). 

We have to assume that all black people are a part of this race war because no one ever protests when a unarmed white guy or girl is killed by the police. 

 We are not writing this article to incite fear or a race war that has already started. All statements in this article are completely true. We know that the media is hyping this race war and eventually the War Crimes Tribunal will stop it. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America