It appears that the Inhabitants/U.S. citizens are at war with each other again!

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 12-24-2020


Here is the evidence:

More evidence:

One of Joe Biden’s Instagram accounts posted a picture of his two dogs tearing up a President Trump doll on Saturday.


More evidence:

Biden Campaign Manager Calls For Unity — Then Calls Republicans “A Bunch of F***ers”

More evidence: Of course everyone knows that CNN is at war with the country:

The left does not want to unite with the right in anyway and openly declares the right is expendable meaning they want the right gone from the face of the earth. 

The left has the voting machines, the courts and the media and openly brags about it in the first video.

The left riots when they do not get their way so they have seen the tactics of the Muslim community and that rioting works. 

However, if everyone is at war there are a few things you all need to know. 

1:It is imperative that everyone on both sides starting designing uniforms that best represents your side so we can avoid friendly fire. 

2: No one can kill women and children. 

and the rest of the rules are in this book: LINK 

The courts and police are not allowed to get involved in any prosecution of any war activity unless they want to get involved by picking a side and start shooting. 

There is another alternative that is written in the Law of nations which is split the country in two into a North and South again and we all can hate each other from afar and get on with life. This would piss off the banks because their mortgage contracts are all null and void. We can all agree on a 6 month cease fire while those that want to go to the North meaning the left can get there and those on the right can get to the South.  

If not we can all enjoy a really bloody civil war that the bankers can fund both sides and get even richer.

What say all of you? Bloody war and make the bankers rich? or Split the country in two again and we have our own National money that is debt and interest free?

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.