The city of London is hereby declared a terrorist organization!

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 12-21-2020


The city of London is hereby declared and classified as a terrorist organization! 

The city of London is not to be confused with London itself nor the Queen of England. The city of London declares itself an independent city-state meaning a sovereign country.  LINK

The city of London and its associations have been trespassing all over the world in secret thereby posing as a part of every country in the world as if the associations that it creates were created within the country wherein it exists. 

Each association is in violation of the Law of Nations thereby trespassing upon at least 50 constitutions with a violation, as prescribed by the Law of Nations as a capital crime. 

Since the main industry of the city of London are laws and statutes. The industry of the city of London is a trespass upon all nations and countries. 

Therefore, the city of London and all of its attributes is hereby declared a international terrorist organization; in all of its forms due to the fear that is consistently uses in an effort to instill a sense of eternal doom upon the souls of the so-called violators and offenders of its industry.   

Its legal title to the city of Jerusalem does not give it eternal decision making over the earth nor is it a part of any eternal salvation decisions over souls. The city of London has created an industry of words, definitions and unilateral interpreted meanings of words that has caused nothing but strife and contentions and has caused many wars among countries.

The existence of the city of London has caused terrorism around the world and its existence has run its course.

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

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  1. Jessica Tong

    It’s time to clean up the cabal and any syndicated groups or individuals who commit crimes and take away humanity basic rights. Thank you!

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