International Public Notice for Valerie Zicaro and Jason Perez

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 12-07-2020


Valerie Zicaro is hereby placed on notice to cease and desist lying to the public and professing someone a lunatic in the commission of a lie. 

Valerie Zicaro has been claiming that Valerie Zicaro quit when in fact Valerie Zicaro was fired. 

Here is the claim of Valerie Zicaro: 

The timeline says different: LINK


Here is the Valerie Zicaro proud of her lie here: 

1: Yes Valerie, you know the truth yet you keep up with the lie. 

2: Yes Valerie, your creator knows the truth.

3: Go ahead and tell everyone that you live with integrity and you are soooo honest. 

4: Go ahead Jason Perez and tell everyone that others operate without unsubstantiated evidence. 

5: Valerie Zicaro, no one said anything about being afraid of leaving a house. Leaving a house when there is a real threat of being shot is much different than being afraid to leave a house. However, your real humanity does show in your postings. 

Let the world know what the Government of The United States of America has had to deal with with these that are under investigation.  We do not know why this issue is so important to Valerie Zicaro and why she has to lie about it but most liars just love to lie is all we can guess as to why. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.