Evidence mounting that the United States Postal Service is guilty of election interference and fraud!

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 12-06-2020


The United States Postal Service (hereinafter: “USPS”), a member of the Universal Postal Union, a globalist organization and Union is feigning that it supports democracy while involving itself in an election. Interfering in an election by any Post Office is an international crime thereby tampering with the mail. 

Louis DeJoy has been very quiet about the situation with the election even though most if not all of the November 3rd, 2020 election fraud is emanating from the USPS. 

Louis DeJoy, you cannot claim sovereign immunity while in the commission of an international crime and or criminal activity. A violation of the Public Trust is an issue. 

Louis DeJoy, you are sitting on your seat doing nothing while you represent the Universal Postal Union wherein your actions and or inactions are showing the world that the Universal Postal Union could care less about democracy and by association and a branch of the United Nations, that the United Nations could careless about democracy. Democracy was and is a condition that must be maintained for the United Nations to exist since its founding was and is based on democracy.  No democracy, no United Nations. 

There are many people that would love to see the United Nations go away and dissolve. The United Nations is over rated, useless, has to make up problems and offer solutions to make itself appear as if it is needed and basically a very stupid idea and its office holders nag people to death.

This election interference and election fraud committed by Louis DeJoy may make him a hero thereby taking down the United Nations by exposing it for what it is, a totalitarian world communist organization bent on enslaving everyone in the world.  

Louis DeJoy, thank you for exposing the fraud that is the United Nations. It appears that because you exist and nothing else, there is a purpose for you after all. Good Luck in the future because the people that you work for are going to be disgusted by you exposing them and their fraud to the world through your office.   

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

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