James Clinton Belcher is not the Head of State of anything!

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 11-24-2020


James Clinton Belcher (hereinafter: “James”) is not the Head of State of anything!

However, Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger Von Reitzenstein Von Lettow-Vorbeck (hereinafter: “Anna”) sure does love to lie for him to convince her followers that he is some kind of hero. LINK

Anna entitled it “Pointless slander and lies” we believe that Anna is in need of following her own advice.

Anna claims: “There has recently been a rash of ugly, untrue, and pointless slander on the internet concerning me and my husband—- most of it being spread by the shadowy offshore “Reign of the Heavens Society”— a group of quasi-religious nutcases who think they own this country because they bought some memorabilia at a Naval Yard Auction.”

The truth is this:

1: Reign of the Heavens Society was dissolved in 2016
2: Anna hates people that believe in a creator or Jesus meaning followers of the way, the truth and the life,  so we know Anna hates believers.
3: No one believes that they own the country, Anna is the one that has tried to claim the country and place it into a trust thereby calling herself a fiduciary which is a bogus claim.
4: No one bought anything at a Naval Yard Auction.

 Anna claims: “No, I am not a murderer. My husband is not a convicted rapist and human rights violator.”

The truth is: 

1: Anna was convicted of attempted murder because Anna will not stop calling people and trying to profile them as offshore pirates and telling everyone that they are trying to steal their inheritance wherein places said people at risk of attack and possible death. Anna knows that she is lying and that is intent to place another persons life at risk and peril. 

James Clinton Belcher convictions: Sexual assault-Violent action motivated by sexual behavior against another person without consent.

AS 11.41.410. Sexual Assault in the First Degree.
(a) An offender commits the crime of sexual assault in the first degree if
(1) the offender engages in sexual penetration with another person without consent of that person;

Anna claims that her husband is not a convicted rapist: Apparently penetrating someone else without consent is not rape according to Anna.

As a matter of fact James Clinton Belcher has a very violent past and a problem with alcohol, slander which would explain why Anna and James are so comfortable with trashing others with lies and slander;

James has no problem threatening to kill someone:

Failure to register as a sex offender

James has a couple of speeding tickets and another DUI. 

Anna claims: “And what’s the point? Even if all the crap they spin were 100% true, my husband would still be the Hereditary Head of State for this country.”

The point is Anna is that your husband is not a heredity Head of State of anything. Anna claims her husband has inheritance claims to this country and a lot of her paperwork garbage has the following seal on it: 

That is the seal of the United States and not The United States of America nor is it the seal of The united States of America and Anna claims that The united States of America is the sovereign government of the country. Yet, James Clinton Belcher signs as a Head of State for The United States of America that has never used the United States seal at anytime in history. 

The Continental Army had nothing to do with the United States nor had anything to do with the U.S. Military. 

Anna claims: “It was with the greatest reluctance that he, an artist, ever stepped forward and issued the order to convene the State Assemblies. He has less than no interest in political matters or political power, and was well-aware that he might be risking his own life and the lives of his family in order to do it.”

Anna, James is not risking anything other than issuing unauthorized orders, trespassing on a seal that he does not lawfully possess, and going to jail for the rest of his life for attempting to claim that he is a monarch over the country. Further, James has attempted to steal a seal and traffic it across international boundaries from the United States to The United States of America.  

Therefore folks, we have a case of international criminal trespass committed by one: Anna and one James. The rest of Anna’s publication is nothing more than more garbage claims made by one sick and twisted woman known as Anna. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

So what did you say again Anna that your husband was not a convicted rapist? What was that Anna? You can fool your followers but you cannot fool the truth. It is obvious that if James is going along with your lies Anna, what does that say about James and his character? Sexual Assault 1 is in fact rape. Just ask the victim in that case.  Anna and Hillary Clinton do the same exact thing for their husbands.  

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