The Office of the President of The United States of America has been filled and elected since 2013 with no objections!


PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 10-27-2020


The Office of the President of The United States of America has been filled since 2013 and The President of the united States of America has already been succeeded by the Office of (and can also be for) the President of The United States of America since 2013. 

First in time and first in right stands. We have the same goals and there is only one person in the way of everyone working together thereby attacking and usurping the people for The United States of America since 2014 and that person lies, cheats and steals her way through life. We will continue to defend this country known as The United States of America from all enemies. The people for The United States of America are real, live flesh and blood people and not inhabitants nor subjects of Pope Francis. 

The Vatican agents are hard at work doing their best to steal the country for their own selfish means thereby to establish the New World Order. We have won every battle and well on our way of winning the war.  The Government of The United States of America, by the will of our Father in Heaven through Jesus has managed to keep the original country safe until Vatican agents finally caught up to our knowledge and began to devise a plan to steal the country and give it to their devil worshiping master.

The Vatican agents have not gained one inch of ground since they started. The Vatican agents are outwitted and out matched at every turn which has forced them to reach out for help from their father the devil wherein they began to lie, cheat and steal their way to a false victory. They are no match for our Father in Heaven who saw fit to bestow this Great country right into our hands for safe keeping and preservation for future generations. All of the subjects of Anna Von Reitz, Vatican agent are still U.S. citizens no matter what they do because their master has lied her way to a false victory and continually lies to them daily. 

All of the Vatican and Crown agents have been tried and convicted.They are easy to out
smart, easy to outwit and they lie, cheat and steal to make it appear as if they have proven their point. They attempt to silence their enemies with false accusations, yet we still have our speech and cannot be silenced by these wicked inhabitants.  


Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.  


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