COVID restrictions, mandatory vaccinations are outlawed and nullified by Common Law Assembly!


PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 09-13-2020


Police State measures outlawed by Common Law Peoples’ Assembly as people empowered to resist! 

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Many people have been asking how to stop these mandatory actions taken by these communist regimes within the States and their Governors, its easy! Form your own assembly within your county in common law. 

There is only one constitution that we know if that recognizes county assemblies and that is the Articles of Confederation as amended August 5th, 2015. LINK

Article X.
§10.1 The Articles of Confederation, as amended and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, shall
be the Law of the American Nationals for the Government of The United States of America; and all
Societies and county assemblies shall be bound thereby when ratified by the Societies, county assembly
or assemblies.

Please keep in mind that the Confederation Party is now the North American National Party. 

The States of the Union Society found here is our social network:

However, this website is our county assembly organizational website:

The organizational website is equipped with Continental Public Bank accounts created in common law. It is a multisite that allows many websites to be created for each county assembly and therefore the website doubles as a bank for all counties and money/Continental Dollars can be transferred from one part of the country to the other side within 10 seconds. We also have the voucher system wherein counties do not have to wait for two political parties (527 organizations/privately owned companies conquered by Communists) to borrow more credit at interest to create a cash flow because the people create the cash flow with their labor. 

It is not going to get any better than this folks so if not now, when? What do you have to lose to open an account at the organizational website. It costs you nothing and you receve Continental Dollars just for logging in. You do some work for someone and have them sign a voucher saying you did the work and you get paid, no out of pocket expenses from the customer for the labor. No tricks, no traps, no hidden costs.

Hereby published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America, 


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