American National Union of The United States of America v. The American States Assembly

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 08-26-2020


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The power hungry leader of the so-called “The American States Assembly” wherein no one knows which States that are being referenced is at it again. 

An indictment has been issued and a court date is set: The 11th of September at 1:00 PM UTC-6, 

Venue: Dial-in number (US): (701) 802-5108
Access code: 8510903#
International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: chiefjudgegpmc
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All we have to do is mention the power of the Post Office and Anna Von Reitz is all over it. It is like leading those power hungry so-called patriots around by a nose ring. 

Public Notice: LINK -There is no such thing as the Continental Marshals. It is a total fraud and if one of those idiots comes near you with some kind of arrest warrant made up by Anna Von Reitz herself, the Government of The United States of America will charge them with kidnapping. LINK

The last ones that tried to operate as a Continental marshals went to jail for 37 years. LINK

and Anna Von Reitz ran from that situation quick. She set them up for the fall. 

The reason Bruce was charged is because there is no such thing that these people are claiming. There was never a vote of the people to create and serve them, it is all made up out of thin air and passed off as real to make money. It is always about the money with these people and we know because we have been through all of them and can predict with 100% accuracy what they are going to do next and what they are going to claim etc….

Example: Anna Von Reitz has been referencing the Post Office. A little here and a little there and she referenced the U.S. Marshals a while back. Now all of the sudden Anna Von Reitz is claiming original jurisdiction over the U.S. Marshals with her made up Continental Marshals and later she is going to claim to be the Post Office all under the 1789 constitution and call it The United States of America unincorporated (no such entity) and her Federated States or States of States scam. It’s a scam folks, always a scam and about the money.  

The trial is about stealing the metes and bounds of the country. Let’s all watch them try to squirm their way out of the theft by publishing more lies again and again. It is like dealing with the satanic worshipers of the DEMS. Anna Von Reitz and her allegiance is to Pope Francis, out of her own mouth and not to anthing else. 

Hereby published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America,