Attorney’s Fees are without merit!

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 08-09-2020


Attorney’s Fees are without merit. 

If you are paying attention you will notice that Attorney’s are the only ones in the country wherein their fees are enforced by a judge in a court room and written in statutes. Further, most if not all contracts have the same conditions in it when referencing attorney’s fees. LINK

Attorneys will claim human rights when questioning their craft. They will say it is a human right to work or they will quote the bible that reads a man is worth his hire. 

Chapter i i i   Law of Nations
of the Constitution of a State, and the Duties
and Rights of the Nation in this respect.

§30. Of the
support of the
and obedience
to the laws.

The constitution and laws of a state are the basis of the public tranquility,
the firmest support of political authority, and a security for the
liberty of the citizens. But this constitution is a vain <10> phantom, and
the best laws are useless, if they be not religiously observed: the nation
ought then to watch very attentively, in order to render them equally
respected by those who govern, and by the people destined to obey. To
attack the constitution of the state, and to violate its laws, is a capital
crime against society; and if those guilty of it are invested with authority,
they add to this crime a perfidious abuse of the power with which they
are entrusted. The nation ought constantly to repress them with its utmost
vigor and vigilance, as the importance of the case requires. It is
very uncommon to see the laws and constitution of a state openly and
boldly opposed: it is against silent and gradual attacks that a nation ought
to be particularly on its guard.

An attorney has an oath to a constitution however they rarely if at all adhere to their oath. An attorney likes to call their position and claim to be a public officer, however never serve the public. LINK

Example: LINK

“This chapter contains the Department’s policy on grand jury practice.

In dealing with the grand jury, the prosecutor must always conduct himself or herself as an officer of the court whose function is to ensure that justice is done and that guilt shall not escape nor innocence suffer. The prosecutor must recognize that the grand jury is an independent body, whose functions include not only the investigation of crime and the initiation of criminal prosecution but also the protection of the citizenry from unfounded criminal charges. The prosecutor’s responsibility is to advise the grand jury on the law and to present evidence for its consideration. In discharging these responsibilities, the prosecutor must be scrupulously fair to all witnesses and must do nothing to inflame or otherwise improperly influence the grand jurors.

[updated January 2020]”

Please observe that the aforementioned quote mentions an Attorney and not the public. The public, any member of the public is supposed to be able to go into a Grand Jury at anytime if they have evidence of a crime. Grand Juries are not supposed to be hijacked by American Bar Association members (ABA). 

For with the hijacking of the Grand Jury process by the ABA, crimes go un-reported all of the time. The legal framework causes a hijacking of the police by the ABA. Essentially the police work for the ABA and are privatized thereby taking orders from those that are neither representative nor elected in fact. 

This all means one thing, the ABA are controlling the police while the people pay the police and the Grand Jury to exist. It is the ABA that hides the crimes of the bad cops that have been murdering the inhabitants all over the country. It is the ABA that has been collecting revenue in the form of traffic tickets wherein none of the revenue goes to the local or State treasury. It is the ABA that has caused thousands of illegal’s to cross the borders. It is the ABA that has caused millions of inhabitants to be criminalized for violation of administrative rules for the purpose of stealing money. It is the ABA that has caused the hijacking of the judicial branch of every State government thereby committing capital crimes. We can go on and on. 

Therefore, capital criminals are not entitled to fees and perhaps that is why Attorney’s fees are without any merit. 

Hereby published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America,