The commmittee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America hereby accuses the Democratic Party with pain compliance and genocide!

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 08-08-2020


The committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America (hereinafter: “committee”) hereby accuses the Democratic Party with pain compliance which is torture under International law and genocide which is under the classification of crimes against humanity.  

The committee cannot find any proof that the numbers of covid 19 deaths nor covid 19 cases are accurate in anyway.  What the committee has found is that contact tracing itself is being used to manufacture the high numbers in both deaths and the infected which result in isolation of the intended victim(s). 

Example: If one person is found to have covid 19, a guesstimate is used based on the contact tracing answers that are retrieved from the patient and exaggerated to higher numbers of positive cases of others that are claimed to be positive of having covid 19 and published as accurate information. Contact equals positive for covid 19 according to the Democratic Party. There have also been a lot of cases of false positives therefore the accuracy of the test kits are in question. Just ask the Ohio governor.

The guesstimate is then used to incite the public at large to panic so that the Democratic Party (DEMS) have the ability and cooperation to sabotage its economy in order to win an election thereby blaming its opponent under self projection practice. The committee calls this a torture vote which is not a vote and therefore the future election of the company is rigged which results in a non-representative in fact regardless of party affiliation.   

The DEMS have used riots, destruction of private and public property, race, bigotry, white supremacy and a host of other tactics with the goal of torturing the minds of the inhabitants into compliance of a vote that moves towards the DEMS. The tactic is an MK-ULTRA program used by the C.I.A. to torture young children into a split personality so they are compliant sex slaves for the ultra rich and is now being used on everyone wherein the F.C.C. remains very quiet while the torture occurs. 

As a result of these tactics, a split and or divide has occurred in the country that has been accomplished through pain compliance wherein a personality is split into two separate personalities created by the main stream media. The same can be done with a whole country hence, the far left and the far right. The goal of this type of program is usually civil war wherein a population reduction occurs which is the ultimate goal. When the population is reduced, more real estate is available for the survivors. 

The actual cure for covid 19 has been exposed under threat of pains and penalties by the DEMS against the whistle blowers. Due to the reduction in political donors, the stock market and the investments in a planned vaccine has had to occur for the DEMS to fund its party regardless as to whether pain compliance was used or not to manipulate the price of the stocks in the up and coming miracle vaccine. 

When the DEMS get the votes and get what they want, the covid 19 virus will magically disappear.  Inhabitants are being told that their relatives have covid 19 when in fact in many cases they do not. It has also been reported that many deaths are being blamed on covid 19 when in fact; they did not die in that motor cycle accident of covid 19. Death Certificate fraud is happening all over the country. 

It is much easier to arrest and permanently exile the heads of the DEMS rather than fight a civil war. Example: Pelosi, Nadler, Shiff, Waters, Clintons, Obama etc…Are some of the heads of the DEMS. Even if the numbers were to show the DEMS winning a lot of seats within the company, it does not mean that anyone will even stand surety, whether voluntary surety or not for any of its policies and therefore the credit windows must close. One manipulated or fake vote brings all votes into question. 

In other words, the DEMS are saying, give us the vote, and we will stop the violence in the streets, stop damaging and or destroying private and public property, stop killing police officers and claim/report all over the world that the people voted for communism voluntarily thereby destroying the former economy, by sending the people a bill for damages, caused by the terrorism of the communist party, coming in as heroes by blaming capitalism for the damage that the communist party caused in the first place. 

Hereby published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America,