What was the United Nations supposed to be and how has it been corrupted from its original intent!


Published on 11-20-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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If anyone uses Face Book, they should notice the recent stories by the Confederation Party spelling out in detail how the States are involved with the Globalists intimately.  LINK TO FULL STORY

Quote from the Confederation Party:

“The bottom line is this: The States have full control over all of these issues. If they didn’t, the States would not be able to refuse refugees. We know that the UN nor the fed can be blamed. The quote “the United States relies on the United Nations process” does not mean that the United States is separate from the States. It means that the United States is the States doing business as the United States inc. that setup the United Nations through the Manhattan Island port of entry.”

“If anyone has not put all of this together yet, here it is:

The U.S. constitution has been shredded and the charter of the United Nations took its place by the 50 States consent.

The Bill of Rights was shredded and replaced with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the 50 States consent.”


The problem with the whole issue of status is the long form and short form of the birth certificate. The long form is a “Certificate of Live Birth” that everyone abandoned, and the short form is the “Birth Certificate” that everyone uses.

The short form “Birth Certificate” has foreign securities attached to it and can be canceled because those securities fund the NWO and Wells Fargo under global immunity. (Cancellatura of Foreign Instruments Act of 2013)The funds are collected by the local and State courts on behalf of the NWO.

The foreign securities are cancelled by an oath or affirmation to either the Government of The United States of America or to The United States of America. The oath or affirmation to The United States of America would mean a State resident and American National. State resident would be counted as one of a permanent population of the States counted 50 times.


The oath or affirmation to the Government of The United States of America would mean a permanent population as one of the 50 States counted 50 times, a General Post Master and an American National.

The only difference is the General Post Master status.

The Government of The United States of America issues a Proof of Life Certificate (extension of the Certificate of Live Birth) that is tax exempt meaning the American National is protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from direct taxation of foreign securities of the NWO, Wells Fargo and other entities. The process has been tested and found to be true.


The 50 States, through their company known as United States inc. has been claiming to come from the original Articles of Confederation of 1781. The 50 States have claimed that original authority from the original 13 states and expanded that authority into something that is not recognizable meaning completely away from its original intent. 

Example: The long form and short form birth certificate. The States claim that the long form is abandoned, however, why create the “Birth Certificate”?

Taxes are not what they seem to the average individual. Global taxes towards a world government are already being collected. Global taxes is also known as interest on loans by private central banks. The 50 States took it upon themselves to collect those Global taxes through interest on mortgages or any other kind of loan from a private central bank that was created by the 50 States through the federal reserve act. They claim authority to collect these Global taxes through the short form birth certificate.  

Globalists do not want to have to deal with National borders nor people with Nationalities. Those issues hinder the whole idea of a One World Government.

The Government of The United States of America is objecting because the original intent of the creation of the United Nations is being altered into an abomination by today’s generation.

1: The Government of The United States of America has restored Nationalities and National Borders.

2: The Government of The United States of America has restored a National currency.

3: The Government of The United States of America has established a Judicial Branch that is not serving the interest of the Globalists but rather the people.

4: The Government of The United States of America does not tax people on behalf of a hidden third party.

The Government of The United States of America has accomplished many more things to numerous to mention in this article. However, this particular Government is being shunned by the 50 States because they are working on behalf of a hidden third party against the people. Anyone that sides with the people at this moment is shunned. It is not a popular move to make by any government. 

Globalists, regardless of what they claim publicly, want the old ways meaning buying and selling people, slave labor to work in their industries, sex trafficking, and a host of other things that people witness everyday. It is nothing more then the same old thing. Statelessness is the preferred status for all people by the Globalists.

The United Nations was created to stop the activity written in the previous paragraph. The 50 States, this Government believes are ignorant of what they can do and how to operate. It appears that the Globalists have planted a lot of specific people in key positions working on their behalf.  The average State employee basically does what they are told to do out of necessity to get a paycheck. Most of them do not see the big picture at all.

The Government of The United States of America does know how to operate in harmony with a United Nations in existence, it is easy and plain common sense that eludes the most learned scholar.

 The United Nations was originally a really good thing to happen and still could be if the governments would just stop making war with its residents and cleaned out all of the Globalists thugs and agents.

Globalism goes too far and has never been a part of the United Nations nor its original intent.

There are more wars, more dictators, more poverty, more sex traffickers, drug traffickers, unemployment, prisoners, homelessness, refugees and a host of other human rights violations then ever before in the history of the world.

The United Nations is a shell of its former self and no longer serves its original intent of creation. All it is now is a massive weapon against the people of the world and a get out of jail free card for globalists.