What is going on with the Magna Carta?


Published on 06-13-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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The objection to the existence of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice within the metes and bounds of The United States of America was for a particular reason. LINK

If anyone will do a search on the internet, they can find a lot of links talking about the 800th year of the Magna Carta. LINK   Look at the attendees? Why would Monarchs advocate for the Magna Carta? The Magna Carta is actually a trust agreement. LINK

International Court of Natural Justice claims the following on their website: “The ITNJ belongs to the People and is not controlled by any nation, state, corporation, or ‘special interests’”. When the people take an oath to the Tribunal, the Tribunal becomes the government for those people which is based in the United Kingdom. It is also being launched on the same day of the Magna Carta anniversary. Now, the Magna Carta is also being connected to the U.S. constitution LINK. The Magna Carta is also being called “Why is the Magna Carta seen as a key document in the founding of the US?”

Then we are seeing this: The only one that has the correct answer to all of the problems is spoken by a former FBI officer here:  Video LINK

If a former FBI officer tells people the remedy which happens to be with The United States of America with an oath or affirmation as an American National, then why does anyone need the International Court of Natural Justice when there is a Human Rights Tribunal right here and a full working Government? The International Court of Natural Justice is another way to create a third party to intervene by and between the Monarchs and their subjects.  When the aforementioned court does not respect the borders of countries in its mission statement, how can it uphold private property rights of the People they are supposedly arbitrating for in the fist place?

“The notion of the “rule of law” stems from many traditions and continents and is intertwined with the evolution of the history of law itself. The Code of Hammourabi, promulgated by the King of Babylon around 1760 BC, is one of the first examples of the codification of law, presented to the public and applying to the acts of the ruler. In the Arab world, a rich tradition of Islamic law embraced the notion of the supremacy of law. Core principles of holding government authority to account and placing the wishes of the populace before the rulers, can be found amid the main moral and philosophical traditions across the Asian continent, including in Confucianism. In the Anglo-American context, the Magna Carta of 1215 was a seminal document, emphasizing the importance of the independence of the judiciary and the role of judicial process as fundamental characteristics of the rule of law. In continental Europe notions of rule of law focused on the nature of the State, particularly on the role of constitutionalism.”

The role of the rule of law depends on the people making the laws which is a problem. It is always best to go with a Home Rule type of Government which binds the Nationals to their own agreements. That is a true Government of, by and for the people (Nationals).

Here is a second opinion on the rule of law: LINK    ”

“Congressman Mike Rogers Introduces Bill to Get U.S. Out of UN”

The Government of The United States of America happens to agree with the U.S. city-state and have motioned to remove its declaration to uphold the U.N. Charter, however, this Government can move much faster then the U.S. because of its size and its efficiency.

All of that being said, this is what the American Nationals believe is going on.

1: This is being proposed: LINK  Here is a short excerpt: “On this evening, there will be short presentations on the history of the Magna Carta, its becoming our hereditament , and how it embodies the fundamental basis of our right and faculty for self-government. As the evening progresses it will be revealed that one aspect of this faculty is each of us becoming a Co-tenant in the Tenancy in Common , which was established by our forefathers’ victory in the War of Independence.” Here is a question: Why would anyone sign a document that is a settlement with a Monarch that has no claim to anyone on American soil, or do they? If you are not a subject of the Monarch, why would anyone need to sign, commemorate or really care about the Magna Carta trust?

2: The Queen of England has agreed to be the patron of the Magna Carta: LINK  Now look at the seal and the lion on the left which is connected to: LINK The Netherlands!

3: This is real Magna Carta being brought in and celebrated on Tuesday the 18th, 2015 and the International Tribunal of Natural Justice is just a diversion: LINK  Now look at the alliance members: LINK

Sure does look like it all leads back to Manhattan Island (United States) and the Netherlands does it not?

So what did the Government of The United States of America literally object to existing within the metes and bounds of The United States of America? LINK