Update: American National, Richard Rexford Reinheimer vs. citizens of the State of Maryland


Published on 05-28-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

Many readers should remember the open letter sent yesterday to Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and this report was in the letter: LINK.

When the Secretary of State, Tom Goudey published the letter yesterday, apparently someone in the State of Maryland thought the American Nationals were angry and “ready to fight” because today four separate officers harassed Richard Rexford Reinheimer (hereinafter, “Richard”). The funny part is that they allowed Richard to talk to his agent and tell the agent of the event which means today’s events were for the Human Rights Defenders and not about Richard.

Right now there are State citizens thinking that they are getting to the Human Rights Defenders and agitating them to violence. So predictable!  The Human Rights Defenders got a chuckle out of the whole predictable and pathetic agitation plan created by the citizens of the State of Maryland and their handlers. 

Mr. Hewitt, Lt. Smith, Officer Hernandez, and an un-named woman were a part of the plan. They were basically asking silly questions like ” If someone breaks the law should they serve time in jail?” and “Where were you born and doesn’t that make you a U.S. citizen?” and stated things like “we’ll never let you out without an order from a Maryland judge– and the if there is a trial at this supposed international court, you won’t be there because you’ll be in your cell.”

This is why these tactics are humorous to the Human Rights Defenders:

The Defenders knew what the Manhattan Islands grand plan was 2 months ago and now we are seeing it in action. Manhattan Island has to prove a couple of things in International law, 

1: There has to be evidence that the people that started a Government or re-vamped a Government are really just a violent group of people which will fall under International Terrorism.

2: If International Terrorism is proven, each of the people involved with the Government can be arrested and end up in a International prison for life.

The Human Rights Defenders have caught the International Criminal Court in three separate lies in the past three years. Lying by omission and signed documents. That was a huge disappointment to the Human Rights Defenders because the World Court was supposed to be a court of justice. Most people do not realize how significant those lies are in International law. That is a very serious thing to do because the World Court is supposed to honest at all times otherwise it loses credibility. This was the reason for the direct and harsh truth in the open letter to Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. We can only guess that some thought they were getting to the Human Rights Defenders. 

The good news is that Richard is finally out growing these people meaning he is seeing right through them and not falling for their psychological warfare. He is also seeing through the patriot garbage.

A normal reaction to possible Human Rights Violations is full cooperation by and between all officers, Public or International. We are all supposed to be on the same side. However, all that the officers accomplished today was prove the case that in fact human rights violations have occurred. If any Human Rights Defender was accused of human rights violations, a defender would be the first to want to go to the proper forum and get the facts on record to clear their name. In this case, retaliation, intimidation, coercion, fear tactics and harassment is the reaction, so therefore a guilty conscience is in existence and therefore decisions are being made based on that guilty conscience.

The bottom line is this, honest people really love what the Human Rights Defenders and The Human Rights Tribunal are doing.  Human Rights Violators have to demonize the Government organizations and agitate them to violence to attempt to discredit the Government and therefore have successfully discredited the Government organizations to hide their crimes. It happens all of the time and the Defenders are use to it, and in fact the tactic is expected. 

For the International Record; Yesterdays open letter to Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands had no anger behind it at all. It was the truth and written under the rule: “Do unto others as you would have them to unto you”. Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands was treated the same way he has treated others directly or indirectly. If the majority of the people knew everything about this situation with the Netherlands, they would say that the letter was weak in comparison to what is truly deserved. Monarchs are taught to lie and hate the people they lead from children. That mold has to be broken because the conditioning is violating the World Trust because the terms are not being fulfilled.  

The events today in the State of Maryland is just another example of the expense that the Government of The United States of America has to endure because of the lie. Everyone that has been around the American Nationals eventually grow out of the lies and are at peace. That process takes time and money.  Cleaning up someone else’s mess takes time and money and if the one that made the mess does not help, it is the same as cleaning up after children.

The State of Maryland is in a complete mess because of ignorance. The people are not educated properly and therefore are violent and hostile towards real correction and real education. They don’t trust anyone other than the gangs that have been formed at all levels to protect each other and all outsiders are the enemy because their superiors lie to them everyday. This type of situation is produced at the highest levels and needs to be addressed by all others that are awake to its potential self destruction.