UNDESA attempts to absorb the Human Rights Tribunal of, by and for the people


Published on 12-23-2014 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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This story is quite technical so we will get right to it.

An individual claiming many titles and qualifications from the middle east attempted to get the Human Rights Tribunal into an NGO that is connected to an organization called ISIS, Institute for Sovereign International Security. We do not know if the organization is connected to the ISIS terrorist group, however, there are many similarities including location.
The offer from this individual consisted of The Human Rights Tribunal joining a network called: AJIC-Arbitration Court for International Justice. http://www.isis-security.org/international-justice-court/  which is connected to Ignita Veritas University (IVU). This is what IVU claims on its website: “IVU provides licensed authority and infrastructure to the Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ), triggering statutory authority and jurisdiction to enforce international law and human rights.” They also claim the following: “IVU holds a Charter of Royal Patronage by the Independent Kingdom of Mann, legally recognized under the UK constitutional monarchy system, authorizing Royal Institutes of the University.”

Now here is the interesting part: “IVU is a registered United Nations (UN) Non-governmental Organization (NGO) institution, supporting the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.” (UNDESA). The offer from ACIJ included but not limited to Human Rights Defenders soliciting donations to support the good cause of an international human rights tribunal and the defenders would get UN badges and ID with judicial immunity. 100% of the donations would go to ACIJ and the Human Rights Tribunal would receive a 10% grant back of the total amount of the donations. There was no explanation as to where the donations would go and to whom they were supporting other than going to professional lawyers and career judges to run the organization. Another peculiar thing that happened was that the individual that contacted the Human Rights Tribunal professed to be an expert in archeology, yet did not know nor did he recognize the paleo hebrew language on some of the International Documents that are written by the American Nationals.

The last article that this newspaper reported on about UNDESA was here: http://reignoftheheavens.com/?s=UNDESA connecting UNDESA to a case that was heard 10-26-2014 by the Human Rights Tribunal connecting multiple human rights violations to UNDESA through agenda 21 in the Carolyn Rousseau case, which by the way the State of Oregon apparently has been told to stand down on any enforcement by those with higher pay grades. There is a good reason for this type of order, read on….

UNDESA is connected to the National Guardianship Association inc, which is connected to GUARDIAN/CONSERVATOR ASSOCIATION OF OREGON, INC. of which Nancy Doty, a human rights violator, is its registered agent fleecing over a hundred different victims bringing in millions of dollars.

Now, if UNDESA can get The Human Rights Tribunal to join with ACIJ and its claim as a International Human Rights Tribunal of, by and for the people which could very well be connected to the ISIS terrorist group being supported by many international law firm associations in the middle east, then UNDESA can then claim that the Human Rights Tribunal is a terrorist organization that needs to be eradicated. Then the Human Rights violations disappear against UNDESA. Then no one is the wiser that UNDESA is using moneys being brought in by various people and organizations around the country to fund the ISIS organization. The ISIS organization has many forms and connections, a terrorist group does not receive all of that equipment and money without being well connected to many wealthy benefactors. That is a fact. The offer was completely different when the details were presented; it felt like a bait and switch and a ponzi scheme.

The individual also claimed that the only real courts are operated by professional judges and bar qualified lawyers, nothing else is legitimate, not even a human rights tribunal of, by and for the people operating under the authority of Article 8 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That claim got the attention of the Human Rights Defenders to the point of looking towards the American Bar Association for most if not all of the Human Rights Violations in America today. At the same time, the same individual thought that the International Lawyers Association of the Reign of the Heavens could be used to qualify dis-barred attorneys and lawyers that were and are whistle blowers. Does that make any sense to our readers?

Then right after the individual left contacts on skype, this article comes out: http://www.infowars.com/fbi-links-ferguson-anarchists-to-isis/

The Government of The United States of America keeps pushing the fact that the United States of America and the White House is a private company claiming to be a government. The Individual did verify that fact as an international judge. However, the fact that UNDESA just happens to be the common denominator in this whole scenario deserves more investigation. It is very peculiar that more often than not, that Human Rights are being associated with terrorism in the main stream media. More updates will be reported when they are available.


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