U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch accused of attempted murder!


Published on 06-20-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

                                    INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

Yes folks you read it correctly, the head of the Department of Justice is formally accused of “attempted murder” on the international public record.

Affidavit link here

All exhibits have been filed with the General Post Master Council and is awaiting a copy with a notary. The General Post Master Council has already completed a full Judicial Review on the case that will be available soon.

This newspaper has been covering a series entitled: “Human Rights Defenders Reports on Commercial Discrimination!” The series has been receiving a lot of attention in certain circles around the country.

This issue as written in the affidavit; happens everyday in America. Many people have suffered due process issues and multiple human rights issues because of the process that has been adopted by the Department of Justice to silence whistle blowers.

Many people cannot leave their homes, they cannot work, they cannot go to events, they cannot see their families in fear of being shot and killed by the same people that have sworn to protect them. Believe it or not, most of them do not blame the police, they know where it is coming from and one man decided to do something about it.

Some really good organizations have been labeled “sovereign citizens” and domestic terrorists that do not realize that is an attempt to kill the people that are a part of those organizations. They simply do not take it serious. 

The weird part is that once an individual has been labeled, the same people that entered that profile into the system are the first to say that the people they just marked for death are not dangerous at all as written in the affidavit, yet they continue to act as if they are dangerous and trample all over their basic human rights and political rights. Everything is done to the profiled individual on a hush, hush basis.

The profiled individual’s families are harassed, they are told that the profiled individual is dangerous and a danger to society, they are told that the profiled individual wants to kill the officers families yet there is no hearing on it, no formal charges, no court date to prove the accusations, no nothing other than guilty, pay the fine, or spend time in jail. It is the most peculiar thing ever witnessed.  Nothing is ever proven, yet people hear these accusations and the rumors spread throughout their friends and families and the profiled individual is isolated and their lives are ruined. Not to mention that every time they talk to a police officer, their lives are literally at risk meaning they can be shot at anytime without recourse to the officer. If there is any mention on the news, the victim is trashed as a anti-government domestic terrorist. Then comes the gang stalking because most of the time the individuals cell phone is being tracked. The purpose of gang stalking is to ultimately push the profiled individual to violence and suicide which is attempted murder so they can either be killed or placed in jail for a long time. 

Examples of gang stalking:

1: Police or sheriff deputies drive down the street at a normal speed, then when in front of the profiled individuals home, they slow down real slow at a snails pace, and then speed up real quick and do the same thing on the way back.

2: When the profiled individual goes to the store, 4 or 5 police cars show up and drive real slow behind the individual when walking into the store, then they wait until the individual leaves the store and follow them back to their homes. Most of the time the individual is being tailgated by the officer behind them following them home.

3: Most are placed on probation and the maximum amount of time that a license can be suspended is suspended, a huge fine is placed on them yet they have no way to work and therefore cannot pay the fine or the probation officers fees. These fines and suspentions are done without any due process and with no hearing. Since their reputation is ruined, most business owners go out of business and thrown in jail over and over for not paying fines. At the same time the individual is accused to being anti-government for not paying fines, or accused of not appearing in court when the individual has no way of getting to the court because they cannot drive and do not have the money to pay for a ride. 

Warning: Be careful what you say in America, you could be saying something that could place you under this profile without even knowing it.

Alot of the details are in the affidavit for anyone to download and read. Take a look, it happens everyday in America and is the main form of commercial discrimination in America because it is being done on behalf of a foreign power.


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